The Choices Poster (2013)

The Choices Poster

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We are all on a journey to become the best version of ourselves. Our calling, our goal, was to create a very simple compass.

Sometimes when you set out to change this world, radical ideas hit you. Some of them are so simple that they seem immensely absurd. But when you begin to peel off the layers that hinder the broadening of your world view, these absurd ideas become more refined, more meaningful, more epiphanic. They begin to take on a new form. All of a sudden, they begin to make more sense; not just to you, but to the lives you have been called to impact.

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Sometimes, it’s the simplest things in life that make the greatest impact in the lives of people. This is one of those simple things: the Choices Poster. 


Every couple of years, a revolutionary product is birthed, one that changes things, one that changes the way people perceive the world around them. Some of these, dating back to the Italian Renaissance, were groundbreaking works of art, that depicted the end results of man’s voracious quest for power. These beautiful works of art, inspired many and birthed a new generation of artists and thinkers who sought to make a difference in their world. 

Other revolutionary works, and this time around, works of literature, that have shaped history as we know it, are, two famed stone tablets which bore ten God-given commandments, that radically changed a nation and the world as we know it. These two categories of products, from two separate worlds, in every sense inspired and empowered the people who gazed at their beauty, or took the time to understand the wisdom imbued in their aura. They were two separate products!

But what if we fused these two worlds together? What if we kit the worlds of art and literature together in a seamless way, that led to the creation of a revolutionary product that had the power to impact lives? What if this was possible? As it turns out, it is! You see, when you combine a rebel’s thirst for freedom, his or her desire to change this world and a spark of aesthetics, you get a remarkable product that is simple yet powerful enough to drive a person to achieve the impossible; one that we call The Choices Poster.


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Imbued with Simplicity

It all began with a gentle brush stroke, and a string of words that reverberate an over-comer’s creed: life is too short to make a long list of wrong choices. In the end, a revolutionary poster was born. An object that is simple yet elegant: one that screams in the face of complexity.

In a Shakespearean theatrical flair, we depict man’s perturbed state as he battles with raging temptations. One the right side of the stage, an angel gently persuades him to walk towards the light: to not be overcome by negative emotions. One the left side, a devil, appearing mean and talking in a more demanding and authoritative voice, tries to aggressively persuade our character into falling into temptation: to make a wrong choice. A melting crown at the apex of this stage, signifies the end result of his fall: man loses his crown and becomes a slave of sin, forever indulging in acts that displease him should he listen to the fiend.

This scene epitomizes ‘the battle of choices.’ We are the actors of this play, torn between the choice of whether to do good and evil. Below this stage are the words: life is too short to make a long list of wrong choices. A quote that reminds us of our mortality, and the yearning we all have to be the best we can be.

White, a color that signifies purity, a new beginning, innocence, simplicity and wholeness, is the Choices Poster’s dominant color. 



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Catalyst for Freedom


Four decades ago, a farrago of events led various groups of people, most of whom fathered and mothered our generation, to redefine freedom.

Some sort liberty from the condemnation of the moral tyrants of their day, whom they believed in every way, vilified their way of life. They got what they wanted.  They came out, openly declaring their arcane acts and forming movements that won the hearts of many who had long waited to be free from the conservatives. They became united. They had a unified voice and a new code. They rewrote the rules and voiced their opinions against those in power: those who sought to vilify their right of expression. They became licentious, powerful, rebellious, free; and handed us this baton of freedom so that we could as well, partake in their race. We run well, but then, we, like them, after years of running, didn’t feel free deep within. 

Today, Mr Jones’ abdication from Manor Farm as we can all tell, didn’t mean the beginning of our freedom, but rather, the rise of a new and more wicked tyrant: our very own Napoleon. You see, the real people our fathers sought liberty from, weren’t those who made them feel inadequate, but rather, a force, that person within: that inner demon that led them on a pseudo-freedom conquest. That voice in our heads that mocks our innate desires to be good. 

In our quest for true freedom, we all became slaves: working tirelessly on the vast plains of depravity with an endless cry within our souls for freedom.

But freedom isn’t lost, hope isn’t lost; as long as we are willing to take a stand for it, we will receive what we desire. You see, because when you believe in something, a dream, an experience as abstract as freedom. When your mind can’t help but think about it, and your heart tells you that your hope of acquiring it is attainable; nothing will be able to stop you from achieving what you desire. It’s like the stars align when you begin to think in this manner: you begin to meet amazing people who are ready to help you on your new journey. The dots begin to connect. Life in a way, begins to make more sense. Its beauty begins to unfold. Freedom, a gentle force lurking in the shadows: it is patient, waiting for the hungry to call its name…because freedom, that abstract desire we all yearn for, only comes to those who take a stand. 


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Designed to Empower

Good design isn’t all about creating something beautiful. It’s about creating something that makes perfect sense; not just to the designer, but to everyone who interacts with his/her product. Good design is all about solving the world’s problems. It’s about using our God-given creativity to to visually, audibly or kinetically enhance the lives of people. 

Many of the objects we interact with every single day, from our phones to our toothbrushes, and right down to the Choices Poster, were designed to be experienced—to be felt, tasted, gleaned, viewed, heard and so on. They were designed to delight our senses and to improve our lives whenever we interacted with them. Every amazing experience, that revolves around the products we love, are all a part of the designer’s goal of changing our world. The Choices Poster, like every other carefully crafted product we can’t live without, was created to be experienced.

It was designed to be a part of our lives. To be experienced by everyone around us. Like a beautiful photograph of a loved one, some, the art aficionados, love to frame it on their walls; others, the liberals, like to post it behind their bedroom doors. Like an adorable new born, some like to keep it close, neither framed nor posted, lying right where they can pick it, and hold it close, to admire once again: to receive another dose of the inspiration that led them to say: I will love to own one. In every sense, the Choices Poster is a part of one’s family. It’s that close friend who tacitly encourages, inspires and empowers us to be the best we can be.


What People are saying

I think the choices poster is the core centre of our lives. (Making Decisions). I think life is all about making choices and the right ones as such…The choices poster constantly reminds us of the black and the white. There are no grey areas. Either we make a decision influenced by God or the enemy.

Personally it also brings me to the realization that God’s voice is always clearer than the enemy’s. Only we pretend we can’t hear. I own one because each time l am down and look up at it, l am reminded of who l am and how valuable l am to Him more for the crown. And l’m quickly reminded not to make the wrong decision And lose my crown, my glory.

My will power is my empowerment and nobody can take that away from me. I think the most dangerous gift God gave to man is will power. The power to choose. He cautions us but he doesn’t force us, and we can make the wrong choices and die. He loved Adam to death BUT he respected Adam to make his own choices although he knew it would lead him to destruction. Why? Because he had whispered to him already in his right ear like the poster reveals.

He had cautioned him already, but no he was not going to force him. We all know God was watching the whole event quietly, He didn’t even interrupt the whole process. He waited until the event was over before calling Adam asking where he was. Why? Because as much He loved him and wanted him to make the right choice He allowed him to make the wrong choice because it was his (Adam) decision and God respected that although it was wrong. That is why as Christians we must not think that just because God is with us we can make the wrong choices and His Grace is always there to catch us. If that was the case, then all Christians will make it to Heaven.

— Yaa Sika Osei

‘Good choices’ to me means following the voice of God even if it seems unusual at the moment. In the long run it not only turns out to be a good choice but the best choice. What I love about the Choices Poster is the catchphrase “life is too short to make a long list of wrong choices”. It makes me more reflective about my life choices and how I could learn from past mistakes so as not to repeat them.

— Pami Amoah

I love that it keeps me in check….it is like a “physical conscience.” The Choices Poster gives the viewer the needed encouragement to make the right decision. I own it because it makes me strive to be a better person.

— Yaa Lizzy Sackey

I love the Choices Poster because the very first time I saw and read it, I sat back and realized that instead of spending more time on things that sometimes bring me pain and fear, I would rather channel that energy into putting a smile on someone else’s face. I also came to appreciate how important every day of my life will be if I minimise my “list of wrong choices” and rather live to change the world or my society.

I’m more careful with my plans and activities for my day, week, month, year….any time I read the phrase…”Life is too short to have a long list of wrong choices.”

— Maame Esi Codjoe

I see good choices as pieces of a jigsaw puzzle where the final image is our future. When we put our good choices together, we eventually form that perfect picture we all seek.

— Sidney Acquaye

So basically empowerment is teaching a person to fish, or make wealth rather than just handing it over to them. The Choices Poster is a reminder and symbol of empowerment.

— Vijay Manu

Okay, so I own one because I believe it’s a good cause. Empowering people to be the best they can, can not be played down.

— Evelyn Nkum

I like the simplicity of the Choices Poster. You cannot tell what an individual is battling with just by looking at it because, even though it looks the same to everyone, it speaks to us all in different ways.

I believe that when you empower someone, you increase their ability to make proper decisions. That’s why I own one, because of its versatile meaning.

— Aba Bannerman