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A young girl finds her life disintegrating after her parents divorce. She drops out of school and prostitution becomes her enterprise: a way to support herself and her mum. She soon becomes a druggie and joins a secret society in the hopes of gaining the love and support she lacked at home. She died years later from an overdose. Her name was Jane. 
In the midst of this muddle, a young preacher befriends her. This book is his version of the events that lead up to her death: a set of visions he received concerning her life, her struggles and her deep desire for freedom.


The Love Rehab will take your mind on a spin and mind you, if unguarded, your emotions on a roller coaster. Dela’s play on words and vivid imagery is so well put together that the reader is naturally carried into the intensity of the text. It takes the reader to slow down and delve deeper into the meaning of the text to unveil some of the real issues addressed like prostitution and religiosity; how they intertwine, the discomfort it unveils, and how “checking into the Love Rehab” (I interpreted as “checking into Jesus”) is presented as the ultimate solution. Awesome read, not an easy read hence: genius work…Great job Dela—I highly recommend!

— Louise des Bordes

After my first read of the love rehab, I came out amazed at the way words were put together to convey such a deep message. My first read was a very fast read. When I closed the last page, I knew I had to read it again. During my second read, which was also a fast read, I clearly got what it was all about—the need to not write people off because their lives are not consistent with my views on how life is supposed to be lived. When Christ asked us to go into all the world, he also meant for us to look to the next person by us who needs to be told about his/her place in the good news…My favourite part was Part One. It helped me to identify with people like Jane. People who are out there doing stuff they’d rather not do but have no power to stop themselves from doing it. People I do not want to identify with…It’s got me thinking and I know this will surely reflect in how I relate with the different people who come my way from now on.

— Seyram

The best part of it for me was the imagery at the scene of her death (Jane). I’m honestly looking forward to a Part Two and I hope there’s a greater victory for us preachers beyond the lessons I learnt about love in this book.

— Tony Nagai

Thanks for teaching me the essence of unconditional love.

— King Buari

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