The End of Abuse

After my exhibition— Beauty from Chaos: Abuse Series —I was left with one major reoccurring question: what do we do, now that we know about the hurts women and girls go through or have a spotlight shone on our wounds? Clearly, there is no better time than now for us all to actively pitch in and build a hurt-free world. This is why I want to educate people about abuse and its repercussions, my way of contributing to the building of a hurt-free world.

With that said, the goal of the exhibition besides selling the artworks and supporting the communities I teamed up with was to get the message of abuse out: to educate and let people see an emerging topic in a new light. Such education is crucial, for abuse will always thrive in the midst of ignorance. This is what has led to the birth of this book, to serve as an educative material on the subject of abuse and to help people understand the inspiration behind the artworks. The book presents a good opportunity to relive the events of the exhibition, especially for those who did not and/or may never get another chance to have a firsthand experience of the exhibition because the artworks have been sold.

In this book, I also share my thoughts on the subject of abuse, discuss finding one’s purpose after pain, and finally demystify male abuse. It is my prayer that this book will bring hope and help victims on their journey of healing as well as knowledge to those who seem unfamiliar with the topic.
On the whole, the goal of the Beauty from Chaos project is twofold: firstly, to tackle a pressing issue using art and secondly, to collaborate with a charity, community or non-governmental organization (NGO) that is actively fighting abuse with the aim of giving them a portion of proceeds from the exhibition to support their work. The major social issues we face today cannot be adequately tackled by one individual. It is for this reason I make the effort to collaborate with those in an active fight against the injustices and issues addressed in my work.

In all, there were ten (10) paintings under the collection. Each painting was meant to serve as a reminder and an eye-opener. Although this worked to a great extent, more work remains undone. There is a growing need for people to know more about the subject of abuse through my art. Through this new book, I break down the story behind each painting. This fills viewers with the insight and zeal to see the world through the eyes of victims. My hope is that we can all become vessels of healing and hope to others once we get a better understanding of their journey.

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