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A letter of encouragement to my creative self (by Miss Amofa)

This year, I made a decision to love myself more, to own my truth and appreciate my journey so far. So on Val’s day, I bought a card for myself from Yobbings (they have the most amazing cards but can someone tell them to make different sizes so that those of us who like to elaborate can have more room for that? 😂🤣😂) to give myself some love. To anyone out there who might need some reassurance to believe in themselves, this is for you.


Interview with Ebenezer Nyarko

In this interview we have a  chat with Ebenezer Nyarko about his new book designed by HAUS OF ANYAH. 1. What inspired you to write this book? I wrote this book because oftentimes we, Christians, come to church on Sundays to worship. But afterwards, we […]

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