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Interview with Selorm

Every now and then, we hear of a young adult or teenager who committed suicide because they couldn’t handle the social pressures that came their way. The sad thing is, many of them never tell anyone about their struggles and their desires to end their […]

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We are all in need

I check my social media accounts everyday and many people have a wise saying or two, some, if you read deeply between the lines are birthed out of hate, sadness or a difficult moment. Some also in trying to get their daily fix of joy, post an image and hope the comments and likes can liven them up. We all know or can relate because we have either lived through this or know a friend who has.


The Darkest Valley

  “Nobody is perfect!” These are the words uttered by a lot of people, whenever they are haunted by their past mistakes, or pricked in their conscience after indulging in an act they in hindsight regret. But as modest as this may sound, it’s a […]

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