AWWWW – what are the kindest words you have ever heard?

What are the kindest words you have ever heard? I don’t know about you, but some—not all—of the kindest words I have heard came from relationships that are now distant, broken or gone soar. This however didn’t and can’t change the impact of those words. Words of encouragement from a close friend, words of affection … Continue reading AWWWW – what are the kindest words you have ever heard?

We are all in need

I check my social media accounts everyday and many people have a wise saying or two, some, if you read deeply between the lines are birthed out of hate, sadness or a difficult moment. Some also in trying to get their daily fix of joy, post an image and hope the comments and likes can liven them up. We all know or can relate because we have either lived through this or know a friend who has.

Who is it?

So some time back I went for this awesome Christian program. The worship was incredible and at one point, everyone was in the Spirit, praying in tongues as the worship went on and all. You will think that I was in tune with the congregation, but no; I, in the midst everything taking place, was in two different worlds.

Let me be real. There was this really pretty girl standing a couple of aisles away from me—I can still see her face. And she just like me, wasn’t totally lost in worship like everyone else. She was, however, an usher and I, just a single guy looking for a lady. The struggle was real. #singleboystruggles

Interview with BAABA DADZIE (on Abuse, Counselling and Mental health)

After the release of my book, The End of Abuse, I felt led to interview certain individuals who had either experienced abuse and been healed from the trauma; or were in the occupation of caring for abuse victims one way or the other. The reason is, people truly are in need of answers; and it's … Continue reading Interview with BAABA DADZIE (on Abuse, Counselling and Mental health)

Letter to my 21 year old self

At 21, you have no clue what your future could possibly hold. You don’t have the slightest idea that you will discover your gifts and purpose in life through the most bizarre circumstances seven years later. Dela, you might have never thought that you will inspire and influence people through your works as an artist, designer and an advocate for purpose. Perhaps, you didn’t think that someday you will be sharing your faith in God with the world and the many miracles He’s done in your life.