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“What’s the time?” I muttered to myself, as I tossed my pillow and frantically groped my bed in search of my phone. The moonlight filtered through my windows. I flipped my bedcover and fumbled the mattress beneath it. Then I found my phone. The time […]

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It was about four o’clock pm, school was over and everyone was heading home. It was supposed to be a typical stress free day. That, however, changed when a sizzling blow to my gut sent me falling down on my knees. As I lay helplessly on the […]

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Interview with Kristen Diangelo (1)

Many times, as topics in relation to the sex industry (pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking and so forth) are discussed, we—those outside this industry—tend to see the people within it through marred lenses. We tend to judge them based upon ill preconceived notions because, we have never been in their shoes […]

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