Commentary on “The Sword” painting by DELASI ANYAH

The symbol of the sword has different means across different cultures. In this painting, however, we look at the symbol of the sword through the lens of Christianity. In Christendom, a sword is a symbol of the Word of God, who is Jesus Christ. We are told in Ephesians 6:17 that the sword of the … Continue reading Commentary on “The Sword” painting by DELASI ANYAH

Stress, low moral and why the corporate world needs art

How do you feel when you see the color red? Excited? Do you sense desire? How do you feel when you see a baby wearing pink or blue? Do you think cute? How about a baby wearing black? Oooo! Picture entering a big yellow room with xylophone sounds playing in the background. Now picture entering … Continue reading Stress, low moral and why the corporate world needs art

It first starts with something ugly, bruised and neglected.

Someone asked me in the studio today if jute sacks where “my thing”.

My answer: Not really.

My thing is objects that symbolize us in our broken states: the people (including myself) that I hope these works will touch and speak out for. In their discarded or abandoned state, they look quite ugly, bruised and hurt by the elements. And this serves as a beautiful canvas to paint stories that

What inspires your “negative” themes? Abuse, torture, tears, etc and how interested are art lovers in that please?

Thanks for your question. If you study art history, you would realize that majority of works that have been done as far as art history can go are characterized by what you call “negative” themes. From the gorgeous and very detailed paintings of Jesus crucified on the cross that many have in their homes, to African Art masterpieces used during ritual ceremonies, to Picasso’s Guernica which was in response to the bombing of Guernica to the numerous paintings of Judith beheading Holofernes, to Francis Bacon’s works on death, to  Damien Hirst themes on death, and the list can go on. Actually many have had death as a theme. But why? What many people don’t immediately realize is that art is a way of capturing what’s happening in the times we live in. As Nina Simone put it, how can you be an artist and not reflect the times you live in? 

Halls and Walls: The Promises of God

This is painting of a young girl who was pronounced dead a myriad times, as well as incapable of having a normal life (should she survive) by her doctors. She was born at five months and is a living testimony: thanks to the prayers of her family and others who stood by them in prayer. Here, she is seen holding the index finger of her mother, a gesture that proved she still had life within her, and to the left of the painting stands Jesus: He came to give her life at the point where all seemed hopeless.

Sales Exhibition at Nubuke Foundation (The Love Series)

View fullsize Going up and live soon in the Gallery God is awesome!!! Finally I get to inspire people not just with words or literature but with contemporary art as well on a new level...Exhibition at Nubuke Foundation...paintings going up with the rest soon...The Love Series...Theme is love: the search for love and the desire … Continue reading Sales Exhibition at Nubuke Foundation (The Love Series)