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Who is it?

So some time back I went for this awesome Christian program. The worship was incredible and at one point, everyone was in the Spirit, praying in tongues as the worship went on and all. You will think that I was in tune with the congregation, but no; I, in the midst everything taking place, was in two different worlds.

Let me be real. There was this really pretty girl standing a couple of aisles away from me—I can still see her face. And she just like me, wasn’t totally lost in worship like everyone else. She was, however, an usher and I, just a single guy looking for a lady. The struggle was real. #singleboystruggles


The Darkest Valley

  “Nobody is perfect!” These are the words uttered by a lot of people, whenever they are haunted by their past mistakes, or pricked in their conscience after indulging in an act they in hindsight regret. But as modest as this may sound, it’s a […]

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