Hope Deferred: when nothing seems to be working

There is nothing more frustrating than praying for months, years or even days for one thing in hope, only to be left feeling crushed and without an answer. I recall a moment when I attended a three day church program, to fast and pray about my business amongst other prayers. I was trusting God for … Continue reading Hope Deferred: when nothing seems to be working

The problem with old school groups

I accidentally damaged my phone some time ago. It slipped out of my hands and cracked upon hitting the ground. To my dismay, it became unresponsive. The only thing I could pretty much do was receive incoming calls via an earpiece. This unfortunate incident helped me assess the use of my phone. For the past few years, WhatsApp as well as other social media platforms has become my default mode of communication; a development which I believe appeals to other phone users as social media platforms provides easy and convenient ways for correspondence. How was I going to survive with a damaged phone whose only use was to receive calls?

Running with the wolves

Have you ever wondered why people visit zoos? Think about it. Is it just to admire works of nature or to marvel at God’s handiwork? Do we go to the zoo just to hear lions roar and to see monkeys swing from tree to tree? Yes! That’s exactly what we do…but why? There is the simple reason. Every creature, object, mountain or work of nature designed by God serves a purpose. And you know, we like these creatures who are below us are exactly the same—we were designed for a purpose.

Letter to my 21 year old self

At 21, you have no clue what your future could possibly hold. You don’t have the slightest idea that you will discover your gifts and purpose in life through the most bizarre circumstances seven years later. Dela, you might have never thought that you will inspire and influence people through your works as an artist, designer and an advocate for purpose. Perhaps, you didn’t think that someday you will be sharing your faith in God with the world and the many miracles He’s done in your life.

What’s the point of Christianity?

Think about it! You go to church on Sunday, go through the whole week indulging in your own secret sins and forgetting practically everything the preacher said—except the jokes; and come back the next week to listen to another sermon you will forget weeks later. Truth be told, this does happen to a lot of … Continue reading What’s the point of Christianity?


A friend of mine said the craziest thing this weekend; that he was going to write a "detailed business plan" to find a wife: he being the target market and she, the perfectly crafted product. I don't entirely know what he meant—but I found it funny. I was just wondering as he spoke, what a five … Continue reading WHO IS A HELPMEET? AND WHAT EXACTLY IS SHE SUPPOSED TO HELP HER HUSBAND DO?

Halls and Walls: The Promises of God

This is painting of a young girl who was pronounced dead a myriad times, as well as incapable of having a normal life (should she survive) by her doctors. She was born at five months and is a living testimony: thanks to the prayers of her family and others who stood by them in prayer. Here, she is seen holding the index finger of her mother, a gesture that proved she still had life within her, and to the left of the painting stands Jesus: He came to give her life at the point where all seemed hopeless.