Herh chale young people dey kill dema body

I just read some article online about some medical school student wey e commit suicide plus some other girl wey she jump of the fourth floor in UG and things. Then I read say she too make depressed. Chale e no be easy ooo.

Usually as we hear say people kill dema body, some dey act all someway den judge the person. But the thing I come see be say that be the same reason why many no dey open up. The temptation make human hurt in boy dey fit make stronger and stronger especially as we no get somebody talk plus.

It first starts with something ugly, bruised and neglected.

Someone asked me in the studio today if jute sacks where “my thing”.

My answer: Not really.

My thing is objects that symbolize us in our broken states: the people (including myself) that I hope these works will touch and speak out for. In their discarded or abandoned state, they look quite ugly, bruised and hurt by the elements. And this serves as a beautiful canvas to paint stories that