In the year 1644, a fleet of 30 ships led by Captain Keli Anya set sail to an unknown land, or the dark world as many called it. Two years prior, news had spread about savages and warring giants, as well as mountains made from gold and precious stones. Many feared to explore this strange place, but the tales couldn’t dissuade Captain Anya, who though not a seasoned sailor, had the courage the king looked for. Commissioned by the King, King Elikplimi the everlasting God, they left their homes to explore and capture potential territory.

After six months of sail, they set foot on the dark world. A heavy midst filled the air, with eerie sounds that sent shivers down their spine. Some of the sailors had thought of escaping but they had come too far to run back. A city lay ahead of them with flashing lights that could be seen miles away. Caption Anya calmed the men down as he gave a speech:

“Dear brave men and women” he began. “We have left our homes with one mission in mind, to advance our kingdom. The saints before us look at us from the heavens and cheer us on. We cannot let anyone down. We have been called and are born for this. Let’s advance for the God who is with us is greater than He that is in the world”.

The sailors let out a loud roar as they lifted their fists in the air and hugged each other.

Soldiers, he continued. “We are more than conquerors through the God within us.”

The sailors couldn’t hide their excitement. “Victory, victory,” they yelled as they picked up their weapons, tools and rations; and began a long trek to the city. When they arrived in the city, the very next day, they met a woman going out to fetch water. She was sad and seemed lost in thought. The Captain walked up to her and with hand signs and drawings, he tried to interact with her. She nodded and slowly responded with signs of her own till she began laughing and crying. The drawings had connected with her. She had always wanted to draw as a child and upon seeing the drawings and engaging in what seemed like a drawing session, she felt a connection and sense of purpose. The drawings were so well done that she couldn’t help but run and call other city dwellers to come and meet the strangers from the other world. Thus, many city dwellers came to see the Captain Anya and the men from the other world.

As days went by and they interacted with these dwellers using art, they realized that many of the locals weren’t savages as described in the history books, but were indeed learned individuals who had simply lost their way. With this knowledge, they set up a studio to help them explore, discover, monetize their talents and ultimately fulfill their purpose.

The very first studio he built still exists to this day. The only thing is, this story is a work of fiction and thus, we can’t show you where it is.

We are 1644 studios, a multidisciplinary studio founded in Accra, Ghana on the principles of purpose, family, justice and charity. These are the principles and values that drive every commission and collection. Welcome to our world.