The brand HOUSE OF ANYAH / 1644 studios was birthed due to three reasons or what I believe are part of my inherent objectives and desires as a creative.

The first reason was to find an outlet to channel and express my creativity as an artist, designer, writer and producer. I realised that this will afford me the opportunity to work with like-minded people whom I can learn from, build great projects with and appreciate their perspective on different things.

The second reason was to curate and promote a high level of quality in design and visual concepts produced especially in our part of the world. HOUSE OF ANYAH was started in Accra, Ghana, West Africa with this in mind to change certain poor standards of some designs being produced. This is rather unfortunate but I believe we can change these narratives affecting the industry through the many untapped potential of many creatives across Africa. It is said that people judge books by their covers which is true to a large extent. A client may decide to patronize a product not necessarily the mission or vision found on your website but the visuals you portray. Unfortunately, some businesses including creatives are not able to attract clients or sell their products and services due to the low quality of their visuals. 

Thus, the concept of HOUSE OF ANYAH was birthed to create new standards and create new trends to help build success stories.

“Out of the Power that created nature, came the tools to recreate the beauty in nature.”