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Dela Anyah is more than just a company. It’s a shared dream. It’s a dream that has been birthed in the hearts of many (young) people around the globe. It’s a dream of freedom, a dream of creative fulfilment: to be what we were all created to be—to live our dreams, to radically change this world, to love and to be loved by others for who we truly are, and to lend a helping hand to anyone who has been crushed by the pressures of this life.

We are this dream: a concoction of creative minds driven to make a difference in this world, by inspiring, enriching and empowering lives through music, art and literature. When our world is over, we don’t want to be remembered as a company that created beautiful artwork, music, works of literature and more, but rather, one that radically transformed the landscape of our global culture.

This is our manifesto.


So now but write still your emotions change colour



This is a candid journal of my ups and downs and the lessons God taught me in the midst of my various struggles.

Many people in life, like me, have been through a triathlon of hate filled experiences. Many of whom are in search of hope and answers not from a layman, but one who has been in the trenches they find themselves in.

I guess we are all soldiers in this war against darkness called life, and our greatest weapon is the knowledge of God’s Love towards us. This blog is to let you know how loved you are. It will also feature interviews from a host of veterans who have been through many of the experiences you have been through, or are still struggling with.

U R Loved! Shalom!


Dela Anyah Company is a creative venture and a social enterprise founded by Delasi K Anyah. We create betterment projects by harnessing the creative power of our diverse pool of worldchangers. We are driven to change this world—to inspire, enrich and empower lives—and this philosophy flows through every pillar of the company: music, art, multimedia and literature.