Bespoke Painting: THE PROMISES OF GOD / JOHN 10:10


Medium: Acrylic and pencil on canvas.

Dimensions: 70x100cm

Year: 2015

Classification: Painting

The protagonist of the painting is the baby: she was born at five months and was pronounced dead by the doctors a myriad times. Ever unwilling to accept the doctors verdict, and never losing faith in God, her mother drew closer to God; and backed by the prayers of her pastors and family, the baby regained consciousness to the amazement of the doctors. This baby was deemed incapable of having a normal life—should she even live—but is a healthy girl now to the glory of God.

This painting captures a moment in the testimony when the baby, upon receiving a touch from Jesus Christ, grabbed the index finger of her mother as a sign to her of life and healing. Praise God!

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