Let’s Grow Together

This campaign begins effective April 2019. Terms and Conditions of this campaign until stated otherwise will be on an annual renewal basis.


Life is all about growth in all aspects of our journey including business and purpose. At Delasi Kekeli Studio helping people in their journey is at the core of our mission. We strive to have lasting relationships with our clients so we want to do this together; building brands, appreciating family and community and creating meaningful work that will impact others. We want to see you thrive and we believe you want the same for us. With this in mind, we are beginning a new campaign dubbed ‘‘Let’s Grow Together!’’ We believe there are many people out there who need to be part of this community of growth and we can reach these people through you.


What customers can do

  1. Share testimonials: This can be done through video and text and shared on social media and tagging our social media handles, using the hashtag #letsgrowDK.
  2. Directly recommend our services to clients. Tell them about works we did for you or item purchases. Let them know how that helped you with your brand or business. Also recommend other services you feel the person might need.
  3. Share commissions, products etc through any social media platforms and tag us, using the hashtag ### let’s grow together campaign.

Do you think there are other ways we can do this? We want to hear from you. Suggest other ways operation ‘‘Let’s Grow Together!’’ can grow and make the necessary impact.


We cherish your contributions and suggestions. Should you use any of these strategies agreed on or other agreed measures to bring onboard new customers, you shall receive:


1-2 Qualifying referrals

Freebies (Branded Delasi Kekeli Studio items, paintings etc)

3 Referrals

Get a free interview on website or other outlets that will help increase brand awareness.

4 Referrals

Issue discounts on next service (10%).
Spotlight & Appreciation during our bi- yearly gathering.

5 Referrals

Issue discounts on next service (15 – 50 %).
Spotlight & Appreciation during our bi- yearly gathering.

*Customers who patronize the services of Delasi Kekeli Studio through this campaign also get freebies and other discounts (Terms and Conditions apply)

**(All Rewards will be given at the end of each month) **

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