Artist Statement

My artistic exploration centers around vulcanizer and mechanic spaces, particularly the discarded objects within them, unraveling their histories and potential futures. This fascination is deeply rooted in concepts of renewal, self-discovery, identity, rebirth, and transformative change—themes that echo throughout my personal life and creative odyssey.

Through the utilization of found objects like tires, inner tubes, license plates, bicycle rims, and more, I craft new forms that serve as visual manifestations of my core themes: identity and rebirth. Each piece becomes a narrative, weaving together the stories of forgotten materials into a tapestry of significance.

Ultimately, my artwork strives to breathe life into the seemingly mundane, infusing vitality into objects that may appear lifeless or resigned. It is an exploration of finding value in the overlooked, celebrating the potential for renewal in what might seem dead or hopeless at first glance.

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Art is a vessel for ideas, prompting reflection on the messages embedded in my work. What ideas am I seeking to convey? What message do I aim to communicate to the world through my art? Imagining my work as a voice without my direct input, what should it express, and how is it interpreted by others? I've crafted this continuously expanding glossary, periodically updated, as a means of encapsulating my ideas, the allure of my chosen medium, my sources of inspiration, and personalized definitions of key concepts in my own words.

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