Glossary according to DELASI KEKELI




Something of high aesthetic value made out of a divine epiphany that one can usually not explain during the process of creation as they are consumed by a force beyond them. Art at the highest level (where new waves, mediums, techniques, stories, movements are birthed) is something so pure and rare, and thus commands a high commercial and social value. 


Awula means lady in Ga.  It is also a title we give to the women in the #dkstcommunity 





A fashionable object with a utilitarian purpose of carrying objects. We call our bags bags simply because of their function, but what they truly are, are wearable sculptures, three dimensional works of art with a utilitarian value. 


Artist 1986 

Studio 2018



An object on which paintings are made; originally made out of canvas due to its material properties. For DELASI KEKELI the canvas of choice is upcycled debris: gallons, jute sacks, old newspapers, corrugated boxes, bottle caps and more. 


One who collects valuable pieces of art created by DELASI KEKELI for aesthetic, commercial or societal purposes.  


The #dkstcommunity is a platform for support and inspiration.



DELASI KEKELI (b.1986) is a Ghanaian contemporary artist. Using debris as his principle medium—subtly provoking a dialog on waste, up-cycling and consumerism in the process—he explores the human condition through themes of love, pain, religion, culture and desire.


A matte black mocktail of sustainable fashion, African Art and upcycling, served with design and freshly picked social and spiritual initiatives.

DeZine Kafe

DeZine Kafe by DELASI KEKELI is an exploration of the concept of a design studio in various alternate spaces through its varied visual forms.



A display of works by an artist or creative in this sense. This can be held on or offline 



Is the one thing people don’t discuss. But the journey of a creative has many ups and downs. Failure is when you keep going even when the journey doesn’t make sense. Failure is when you hold on to those small glimmers of hope and progress knowing that God gave you your talent for a reason. Failure is knowing that God is with you and that every pitfall will make sense as long as you keep going. Failure is learning what didn’t work and rising up to make adjustments. Failure is learning to evolve as a creative, understanding your weaknesses and complimenting yourself with the strength of others. Failure isn’t a destination, it’s in the path to the destination. Failure is that voice that asks “how bad do you want this.” Failure isn’t stronger than you, for you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. 



🇬🇭 , birth place, former Gold Coast. Place of inspiration, place of artistic birth,  heritage. Place of return.


First collection using upcycled plastic debris. It’s all the Spirit of God moving over the waters (oceans) and bringing order from plastic waste (chaos), turning darkness into light just like the book of Genesis. It’s metaphoric on different levels. 


2018   Art Exhibition on the Elimination of violence Against Women and Girls, Alliance Français, Accra 

2018   Exhibition of Ghanaian Artists Works, iArt Gallery, Tbilisi 

2017  Art Retrospective, Alliance Français, Accra



Something created purely with the hands. These take longer to manufacture and are delicately made. All works of art by DELASI KEKELI are handmade.


Mum fashion designer, Uncle an artist…grew up seeing them create, another uncle was the hoarder, repair guy, diy expert who introduced me to Microsoft paint and fiddling with the insides of machines and being curious. Discovered painting when a friend leaving Ghana offered me a free paint set as a parting gift in 2015. 



Side projects outside of DELASI KEKELI’s artistic vision, but that complete his overall vision of societal and individual betterment. 


People with money are looking for ways to invest their money…to grow their capital and thus spend it on valuable assets that will last for years and will appreciate over time. No one, for example, spends millions on a toothpick, unless it’s made out of the last remaining tree of a particular kind that had a rich history and connection to its country of origin or sold by a reputable brand. Money is like an unstable energy source that’s active and keeps on moving, it can’t sit still in its original form else it drops in value hence it must run and keep moving from one state to another. Just as energy is transferred from one form to another, money is transferred from one state to another from asset to asset which rises and falls in value and that can be converted back to money in its traditional form. Investing is simply transferring money from one form to another with the hopes that it continues growing in value.



Son of God, King of Kings, Messiah, Savior of the world. 


An offer given to amazing and talented individuals to work with our studio. Current job offers: 

  1. Graphic designer with avant-garde tastes

  2. Marketing genius and prolific networker

    We want to change the world with you. Send your Cv and/or best work to



Our community pages are grounded on knowledge. For we believe that with the right knowledge we as individuals and communities can make the choices needed to make our world better.


Limited Editions 

A work of art that is unique in its entirety or a collection of work with similar aesthetic features that are made in limited quantities. Each work of art and sculpture by DELASI KEKELI is a limited edition, and no matter how hard we try, no two handmade pieces will ever be the same. 



Something a collector gives in exchange for the value created by DELASI KEKELI and the DELASI KEKELI STUDIO. 



An intense desire within a person to have something, whereby the individual finds it harder to live without satisfying this need. A need for love, peace, joy, God. A need for symbols and objects that connect us with the divine. A need for a painting that speaks to our subconscious, that relaxes us: an Anti-Anxious painting; a need to stand out, to look your best self, a need for an Awula Wearable Sculpture.

Need (II)

A strong desire to acquire something. This usually cannot be justified, it can’t truly be explained or understood by people who don’t value the same things that a collector values. Needs aren’t based on what a person already owns or if it’s truly necessary. A need to one person is a want to another, for we all have things that make us truly happy and it’s only in the circle of like-minded people that we realize how sane we are. 



A place where fishes live



A digital or physical object that’s partly or wholly covered with paint and has aesthetic, commercial or social value. 


A city in France where DELASI KEKELI developed a deeper love for art and a greater drive to create. 


Simple fact: An object that takes more than a 1000 years to degrade.



The initial name for our ladies till settling on Awula. 



A digital or physical proof of payment issued after purchasing a DELASI KEKELI work of art.


Solo Exhibitions 

2019 – Abuse Series + MMIWG, Canadian High Commissioner’s Residence, Accra 

2019 – Beauty from Chaos: New Slaves, Hope City Church, Accra 

2019 –  Beauty from Chaos: Minutes Before A Heartbreak, Antique Lemonade Art Space, Accra 

2018 – Beauty from Chaos: Abuse Series, Antique Lemonade Art Space, Accra

Sustainable fashion

Sustainability is fast becoming one of the most overused words to the point where it stands a chance of losing its true meaning. For something to be sustainable simply means it keeps going and doesn’t die. To sustain a business we need to have cash flowing, to sustain fashion we need to make sure the resources used in creating it don’t run out. Resources including human, financial, materials and others. 


The Storytellers Project 

A platform dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ through the personal testimonies of believers around the world. #dkstcommunity



Turn something of low quality into something of higher quality. Giving new life and purpose to things that had become useless or outright garbage.



The love language of your spouse is gifts. If you had the chance to buy them something that would help them relieve a childhood memory that they so deeply treasure, how much would you pay for that; If there were only two of this valuable object in the world and if you were bidding with others as well for the same object? Your answer to this question lies one of the reasons why certain objects have immense value. If you truly value the object, you will move hell and high water to get it should you be able to afford it and if money is not an object. If money was an object, you would look for alternatives to what you value even if you know the feeling of having what you truly wanted wouldn’t be the same. One can argue that the feeling of having an original limited edition artwork from an artist, can never be compared to having a cheaper replica. Value is relative to the individual who desires the object. What would you do to get someone you love? Many people may see the same woman everyday, but it’s the man who places a high value on her that goes on a chance to marry and start a home with her. You can compare a DELASI KEKELI work of art to this woman, when you see her and desire her greatly, you will run after her, till she is all yours and can be with your forever in your home.

Visual art

Art that is visual, that is, that can be seen.


Wearable Sculpture 

Artwork that’s not confined to walls or display surfaces. Works of art that take the form of a fashion object but have properties of a valuable work or art. 


A person who writes with a high purpose in mind. The journey to art began with words: books and blogs were my first outlet, then came the art. Pictures do indeed speak a thousand words. For they help me communicate in new ways to new audiences.



We need more words to begin in x. So on this note I will create one. Xartttt, a non-visual art form and inner dialogue that begins spontaneously after discovering that not many words began with x.



The reader of this glossary 



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