Forgotten Futures: An Artistic Intervention

"Forgotten Futures" transforms vulcanizer shops and mechanic spaces into temporary art institutions, making the archives of Ghana's industrial past accessible to the public. This artistic intervention features photographs of the now-collapsed Bonsa Tyre Factory, placed within the very environments where the legacy of tire use continues in a different form.

By situating these images in vulcanizer shops, "Forgotten Futures" invites viewers to reflect on a critical question: What would our future look like if the Bonsa Tyre Factory still existed? This project juxtaposes the past and present, creating a dialogue between the former industrial powerhouse and the contemporary spaces where tire repair and resale persist.

Through this immersive experience, "Forgotten Futures" encourages contemplation on the impact of industrial decline on community identity, economic potential, and environmental sustainability. The photographs serve as a visual archive, preserving the memory of the Bonsa Tyre Factory and highlighting the ongoing practices of local vulcanizers who continue to repair and resell used tires.

This exhibition not only honors the legacy of a bygone industrial era but also prompts us to consider the alternate trajectories our society might have taken. By engaging with these images in their current context, viewers are invited to imagine a future where industrial heritage informs community resilience and sustainable practices.

Forgotten futures  

Memories erased  

Visions gone stale  

Where do we go now that we see  

How great we could have been?  

Bonsa, oh Bonsa Factory  

You shall live again

--Dela Anyah


This artistic intervention is on display in several vulcanizer shops across Accra, and I am mapping these using Google Maps. By transforming these everyday spaces into art centers and a collaborative studio space, the project engages the community, facilitating dialogues with vulcanizers and uncovering the untold histories of our industrial past.

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