1) I want to share a story, but I don’t want to include my picture.

Sorry teller, we do not accept anonymous stories.

2) I just saw my picture and a (pseudo-) story about me on this website. I am not happy, what should I do?

Kindly verify your identity by sending a scanned image bearing your identification details. We will then work behind the scenes to investigate your connection with the sender of the story and promptly ban him/her as well as delete the story from our platform.

3) I have a testimony that I will love to share on this platform, what’s the process?

First make sure this is your own personal story. We do not accept stories posted on behalf of others unless you are a verified partner. Next, type out or record an audio version of your story and send to us via email at onetellers@gmail.com. Kindly attach your picture and other contact details should we like to contact you concerning your story. You will be notified before your post goes live.

4) I agreed to share my story a while back having understood the terms. I will, however, like my story taken down for a couple of reasons, what do I do?

Kindly send us an email stating your grievances and we will promptly delete your story. We are, however, not liable for any damages caused by your story. We will advice that you prayerfully consider sharing a story before you contact us or agree to share so that such an occurrence will not ensue.