Frequently asked questions.


1. What is The Storytellers Project?

The Storytellers Project is a platform dedicated to storytellers who want to share their personal experiences of God’s love and power.

2. What is a testimony?

A testimony is a declaration of God’s goodness or an attestation of God’s works. The objective is to speak of God’s glory. Any story that fails to align with this objective, will not be shared. 

3. Why we ask people to share testimonies?

In an era where we seek answers to some of life’s pertinent issues and finding clarity in our purpose, we need a generation of people who will attest to God’s goodness in their lives. We need to tell the world of God’s goodness and mercy towards us as it is one of the most profound sermons we can ever preach.

People want answers to their struggles without fear of being judged or criticized for their shortcomings. All of us deal with various struggles and shortfalls but God’s grace abounds in our lives. We will be able to overcome these struggles by attesting to the goodness of God.  

4. Why a consent form?

For legal reasons, it is essential to have proof of consent stating clearly that you shared the story through your own will. We also need to ensure that All parties mentioned in your testimony consent to the fact that they are included in your story. In cases whereby third parties to the story cannot be contacted, we advise the storyteller to use words like family member, relative, close friend or colleague instead of brother, mother, uncle, husband, wife, my boss. In certain cases, one should also refrain from using direct names of locations, organizations, church or workplaces unless totally led by God.

5. What happens if a storyteller no longer wants a story to be featured?

Testimonies shared can be removed from the website at any time. However, we cannot influence the thoughts of those who have been inspired by the testimony. Therefore, before you decide to share a testimony, we encourage you to pray about it.

6. Can I share someone else’s testimony?

No, you cannot share someone’s testimony. For authenticity purposes, we advise that storytellers are exclusive owners of the stories shared.

7. Can I share testimonies from other platforms?

No, you cannot unless you receive consent from the parties involved in publishing the story. If you want to share testimonies from The Storytellers Project, you can share links from this website, which can help visitors to find other testimonies that resonate with them. 

8. Can I share a testimony by faith?

God honors our faith while we focus on the results of faith. Therefore, it will be difficult to speak of God’s power while there is no evidence of such testimonies. Let’s take a look at the story of Noah. He faced ridicule while he built the ark. It wasn’t until the floods came that the people believed Noah. 

9. Can I share a story that has nothing to do with God?

No! Kindly refer to question number 2.

10. Can I share a story anonymously?

No! Firstly anonymous stories don’t carry a weight of authenticity. They can seem cooked up and bland. We are all about real people and real stories. Secondly there is no shame in victory. Storytellers are encouraged to share stories of faith and victory; not of current struggles and areas of their lives they are working on.

11. What is a prophetic painting?

Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NIV)

The LORD’s Answer

Then the LORD replied:

“Write down the revelation

and make it plain on tablets

so that a herald may run with it.

For the revelation awaits an appointed time;

it speaks of the end

and will not prove false.

Though it linger, wait for it;

it will certainly come

and will not delay.

A prophetic painting is simply a painting that captures a revelation from God, a vision, or an experience with God (testimony) and makes it visible to man. Some revelations are to be recorded for various purposes, but as we see in the above scripture, the revelation or vision is for an appointed time, and whenever we see it, it reminds us of the Word of our God.

12. Can The Storytellers Project paint my testimony, prophetic word or a vision God gave me for free?

This depends on the leading from God. We charge a fee to cover our operating costs as well as the resources used in creating these paintings. If God, however, tells us to sow a painting into your life, we wouldn’t hold back at all.