Illustration timeline and evolution – DELA ANYAH

Ten years ago, I got my first iPad and that marked the true beginning of my digital art/illustration and design journey. I honestly didn’t start out with a plan to work on the projects I will later work on. Back in 2011, I was working on my first book, and simply felt my doodles will … Continue reading Illustration timeline and evolution – DELA ANYAH

Tobias Story

I cannot even begin to express how much my life is a testimony. On all accounts I consider myself a living testament to God's grace. How?

Let's take the life threatening near death experiences. I have been rescued from attacks from wild poisonous animals in the most peculiar manner. In total darkness, my brother (who is hardly focused on me) would point out a creature that is often close to me and ready to pounce, before it gets the chance to attack me. This has happened enough times for me to see a trend. Also in relation to near death experiences, I used to suffer from sever anxiety attacks. One such attack had me in the back of an ambulance on oxygen, holding on to all I know dear. Yet the Holy Spirit stood by me and said that He will not allow any evil to befall me.