Celebrating James Barnor: The BOLD Exhibition at the James Barnor Festival

Launching on June 1st at the Institute Museum of Ghana as part of the James Barnor festival, the BOLD exhibition honors the extraordinary legacy of James Barnor, who at 95 years old continues to inspire through his timeless photography. This showcase not only commemorates Barnor's birthday but also celebrates his profound influence on capturing cultural shifts and personal narratives across continents.

James Barnor's photography spans decades and continents, from early portraits in Ghana to iconic images of London's '60s scene. His work serves as both a historical archive and a testament to the vibrant stories he has documented.

In addition to Barnor's historic photographs, the exhibition features contemporary artist Dela Anyah's perspectives on archiving and identity, offering a modern complement to Barnor's enduring legacy. BOLD invites viewers to reflect on Barnor's immense contributions to photography and his role in shaping cultural narratives.

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