Litterateur, artist, muse and entrepreneur Dela Anyah, has a keen eye for fashion and a deep love for literature amongst his other creative disciplines. Born to a fashion designer, piano playing mother who “danced pretty well occasionally during social gathering” and a maverick father who trained as a doctor, but in the words of Dela is more of a lawyer, politician and entrepreneur, Dela Anyah grew up heavily influenced by the two. 

An accurate enough description for Dela would be ‘A man for all Seasons’. He self-studied computer programming during his college years, pioneering his love and respect for Steve Jobs, a man he quotes or makes reference to in almost every conversation. He studied Human Resource Management at the University of Ghana Business School, Agricultural science at Achimota Secondary School and earned a BBA in marketing at the Paris Graduate School of Management. Drawing was a hobby, something he did behind his textbooks, a habit he cultivated as a kid in his mum’s showroom, doodling in her fashion magazines. 

His greatest career influence, however, came from the period of 2009-2011, when his family went through a spiritual renaissance; battles with demons of pornography and loneliness led the pack of his numerous personal struggles; he had finished college and was struggling to find himself. 

He had evolved into a cynic at that point and went into isolation for close to a year; away from friends, classmates and anyone whom he believed embraced that person he had become, that person he didn’t want to be. He then went on a journey to find Christ, the Jesus he had always heard about and even prayed through many times before bed. (More of this story here.)

Music production which he began in his third year of college was a craft he wanted to delve deeper into, but as at November 2010, in spite of his new found faith and his versatility, there was still a lingering question, WHAT ON EARTH, AM I HERE FOR? Nothing appeared to be  to make sense to him. His computer programming career was not progressing and a brief stint in the music industry left him very disappointed. The familiar wave of depression threatened to creep in, but armed with  pointers from the Biblical Character David, he managed to stay in the place by “encouraging himself in The Lord.”

The end of the year 2010 saw the registration of  his company Dela Anyah Company Limited: a company established to publish his creative works. He, however, temporarily suspended business activities days after registration in order  to fully find and understand himself and his fledgling God-given vision. By the beginning of the new year, 2011, an idea (a divine epiphany) he received during a bible fellowship his mother had pioneered in their home, set him on a new path. During this fellowship their resident pastor, known as Pastor Andrew, mentioned that he had plans of writing a tract for a woman in his neighbourhood, and just then, in the words of Dela, “I heard God say ‘that’s exactly what I want you to do'”. Immediately after the fellowship he downloaded a stack of open source publishing and graphic design software which he had never used before, and set out to write his first book. 

“Myriads of people around the world are in search of answers, I guess we all know this because we wake up with a couple of them each morning; I believe, however, that God has given each and everyone of us the needed wisdom and talent to change this world: to be a blessing to others. Doctors work through medicine, be it traditional or alternative and various clinical tools, and I, through the arts. It’s all about solving a need, and to me, a very intangible one within the human soul.”