Curatorial Statement:

Dela’s journey through this installation mirrors his artistic process, rooted in the discovery of beauty and worth in the most unexpected places.

The essence of the Homecoming series lies in its intimate connection to the locations where Dela finds his mediums—discarded inner tubes, tires, plates, and bicycle rims. These sites, often overlooked by many, become the fertile ground for Dela's artistic exploration and expression.

Through this exhibition, viewers are invited to delve into the unseen world of vulcanizers and mechanics, where the materials employed in Dela's work are found. Many of these artisans remain unaware of the profound transformation their discarded materials undergo at the hands of the artist. Yet, through the Homecoming series, Dela brings these hidden narratives to light, illuminating the intrinsic worth found within even the most seemingly useless objects.

The impact of the Homecoming exhibitions extends beyond the confines of the gallery space. Through the Homecoming series and interactions with vulcanizers, these once-overlooked materials obtain an increased value, echoing the themes of rebirth, identity, worth, and transformation that permeate his work. Just as inanimate objects can undergo profound change and the discovery of worth, so too can we as individuals experience transformation and rebirth.

In our own personal "homecomings," inspired by Dela's journey, we are reminded of the resilience and potential for renewal within ourselves. Through the force of transformation, we discover hope and the possibility of finding worth in even the most unlikely of places.