One Seed, Mixed Media

This mixed media piece was created with discarded exercise books, old cheque books, magazine cutouts, chinese ink, acrylic paint and oil pastel. Ghanaian Artist Dela Anyah found inspiration from the famous scripture in John 15:5, “I am the vine and ye are the branches, if you remain in me you will bear much fruit” to create this piece.

In this body of work, One Seed is seen as the vine, with a mission to: “work alongside local teachers and administrators, to empower and inspire through training in discipleship, teaching pedagogy, and technology integration….as well as assisting in creating learning environments that inspire creativity, critical thinking and collaboration.”

The fruits from this vine are seen as people (students and teachers) having cross-cultural relationships between other schools, instructors, and children.

This piece is Dela Anyah’s approach to figurative painting using mixed media as a form to break down and expand the context of the writing. The employment of color in this piece holds a significant value and each color has its own meaning. “Yellow” signifies mustard. Dela Anyah pays homage to his home country by using colors “Red”, “Yellow”, “Green'' and “Black” signifying the Ghanaian flag giving context to the art piece and One Seed’s origin. “Red”, “White”, and “Blue” signifying the flag  of the United States of America where a fundraiser using this art piece for a school in Meeker will be held. “Brown'' signifies skin, people, and cultures that will be transformed by the mission of One Seed.

This art is fitted with carefully cut pieces that tells the story and shows the extent to which Dela Anyah reveals his characters. The characters in this piece have parts of their face and hand layered with cutouts from different cultures which signifies “One Seed” multi-cultural approach to their impact.

Aside showcasing his immaculate use of colors, this piece is filled with doodles and words or hashtags that denote the mission of one seed, along with a paraphrasing of a quote by Malala Yousafzai that “One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world."

Crowning it with other quotes from the One Seed website and social media pages, signifying their core beliefs. The bottom of this piece reveals a 3D image showcasing what looks like a seed in the ground, growing up to be a tree that bears fruit of people: people whose dreams flourish once they remain in all of what One Seed stands for.

“Out of one seed, many cross-cultural collaborations were born” is the overarching idea behind this piece.