Patty’s story

I had just quit my 9-5 to focus on my clothing business. That’s exactly when the pandemic hit, it meant the clothing business had to be on hold; where was I going to get money to get by? Even though I wanted to pursue the strategy business, I felt I needed more time. Around that same time my phone was stolen, I was devastated. That was my period of focus. I focused on my relationship with God, I prayed every dawn, not for money but for ideas to take the brand I was about to launch forward. It’s been epic ever since, everything started to fall in place after 3 months of being in that incubator phase.

I could be praying and an idea would pop into my head, I’ll implement and the results would be impeccable, there are opportunities I thought would be good for me but for some funny reason it wouldn’t work out and I’d actually understand months later why I wasn’t supposed to take that opportunity. Jesus has been my CEO ever since then, if I don’t get approval from him before taking on a project it certainly will not work. I now know that he has big plans for me and his timing is always right. This is my testimony.


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