What’s your purpose as a creative?

Your talent is like a flame, you can use it to destroy lives, create new things or keep others warm. Till you know why you are gifted, however, you will be all over the place, confused and often depressed to say the least. You see, what you do with your talent doesn’t matter as much as why you do it. And true fulfillment comes in knowing and understanding your why.

Skills are learnable, but purpose is gained from an epiphany.

Think about it, anyone can learn a skill, anyone can go on YouTube to learn how to do interesting things. There are loads of apps and books online that can give you the knowledge you need, but they still won’t give you your why.

Ask yourself this: why do you paint, sing, cook, dance, act, sew, design…create..? Why? Is it because you just discovered you could? Or are you simply copying someone else’s purpose blindly.

You see, there will be rough seasons, and a simple discovery of talent, cannot sustain what you do. The only thing that will keep you going and raise you up from the ashes when you forget who you are, is your why; your why keeps you going through the stress, hardship and even overwhelming blessings. Your why is your purpose, and your talent is simply the how. Discover your why and the how will make sense.

Your statement

Take out a pen and paper and write a why that isn’t self centered, for example I cook because it makes me happy or I paint to release stress. These whys are all about you. Though these are valid, gifts don’t simply come to bless us. Our gifts are for other people. And this world is built by people using their gifts for the benefit of others. So let’s start again, why do you do what you do? Why are you talented?

Let me give an example of a purposeful why: “I cook because I yearn to see people live healthier lives. For this reasons I use only so and so ingredients in cooking my meals.”

This is a why that’s purposeful and that will make sense to those who buy your food as well as to yourself; because the more feedback you get from your clients on how healthy they are, the more fulfilled you will be.

Another example, this time for artists. Why do you paint? One will say I paint because I am gifted or because I bored and I enjoy it.

However a higher purpose or artist statement may go like this: “I paint abstract family portraits and babies to remind people about the beauty and need for togetherness in our life’s journey. They are to give people hope when life’s experiences turns things hazy as a family. My paintings are symbols of unity, hope, healing and joy to families.”

Your artist statement must be filled with the impact you yearn for. For when I purchase your work, I am entering your world and whatever message you seek to communicate.

What is the why behind your work? You can contact me if you need some help crafting your why. But sincerely what I will tell you is this, your why is birthed from your life experiences and situations that have moved you. You are like a super hero and your power is your talent; this is what you use in “fixing the injustice” in the world or simply changing it.

You are not just a singer, author, dancer, painter, coder……this list goes on. You are more than that. You are gifted by God for a reason to make a difference. There is purpose in whatever it is you have been through in life, and it will make sense when you discover your why.

What is your why?

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