AWWWW – what are the kindest words you have ever heard?

What are the kindest words you have ever heard? I don’t know about you, but some—not all—of the kindest words I have heard came from relationships that are now distant, broken or gone soar. This however didn’t and can’t change the impact of those words. Words of encouragement from a close friend, words of affection from a loved one and words that made me feel empowered to soar above the storms I was in. How about you?

Do you demonize people when relationships turn soar, or do you treasure the meaningful moments and respect them for the impact they made in your life? There is a saying that goes like this: be kind to everyone because you don’t know what battles they are going through. You see, the “demons” we have in our lives now, were once the sweetest people to us, and life happened. Sad but true, but these relationships gone soar, have robbed many from being kind to others, and have made a lot of people build walls that keeps them from being kind and loving people genuinely.

Where are you now? How are you feeling? Low, high, lonely, in need of encouragement, struggling with your business, with anxieties, battling sickness, pain, loss, excited, calm….? I have come to realize that the biggest smiles don’t translate as genuine happiness; and having large bank accounts and success doesn’t mean fewer battles. Personal battles are no respecter of persons; like water, they are consumed by everyone.

Unknown Battles

Some people will ignore your messages, be unable to attend your cherished moments and more and it’s not because they hate you, but it’s sometimes because they are dealing with things they can’t share with you. I personally lost loads of friends from university because, after we completed, I had to rewrite papers I have failed in and was just to embarrassed to hangout with them; as they seemed to be doing better in life. I couldn’t really tell anyone what I was dealing with. It lasted for about four years and during that period I become withdrawn and skipped weddings, birthdays and all. I was battling with insecurities but what gave me the strength through that season were some words from my Dad. He said and I will paraphrase: “don’t worry about this….it’s a phase…even Steve Jobs was once homeless and dropped out.” To come from my Dad, a person I felt I had let down for wasting my school fees—and one who quoted Steve Jobs, unknown to him that this was a innovator that I loved dearly—gave me confidence to come home without cowering in shame and more. That’s the power of kind words.

There is a friend who once gave me feedback after I recorded myself speaking on video. Personally I shy away from cameras. It took a lot of courage to record myself and to post it on social media. I was nervous, unsure if what I posted sucked, whether I made sense and all. I was uneasy but one friend of mine said the kindest words that made me blush. Genuine words and not random hype really do inspire and trust me I was inspired to put out more and more videos. In the midst of anxieties, in the midst of shame, sorrow and all the negativities this life throws at people, kinds words have the power to extinguish them all.

Over the years I have heard other kind words, and I have seen it’s power in the lives of other people. So to conclude I will share these points:

  • Be kind with your words, no matter what you are dealing with; it’s best to express kind words to others rather that words of hatred.
  • Be a person who encourages and God will bring people who will support you as well.
  • Try to see the good in others and don’t instantly think they hate you or are acting weird.
  • Pray for your friends, and don’t take offense when they don’t check in on you. At most pray for them that they learn to love others better or as well as you do. For we all are going through our own battles and it’s the little kinds words and prayers that keeps us going.

Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

Proverbs 16:24

4 thoughts on “AWWWW – what are the kindest words you have ever heard?

  1. …. takes a kind and brave soul to empty out like this.. well done son
    love it…… keep giving and receiving kind words and deeds through Christ who gives you strength..


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