Who is it?

So some time back I went for this awesome Christian program. The worship was incredible and at one point, everyone was in the Spirit, praying in tongues as the worship went on and all. You will think that I was in tune with the congregation, but no; I, in the midst everything taking place, was in two different worlds.

Let me be real. There was this really pretty girl standing a couple of aisles away from me—I can still see her face. And she just like me, wasn’t totally lost in worship like everyone else. She was, however, an usher and I, just a single guy looking for a lady. The struggle was real. #singleboystruggles

So back to my story. I locked eyes with her a couple of times when I went outside to make a few phone calls. But the timing wasn’t right to just walk up and say, hiiii blah blah blah. So I left that day without a number, email or even a chance to say hi. Yes, I was that guy. But anyway, lets continue.

The search

I have heard various pastors say in church over and over that certain guys come to church in search of women. Hey, where else can we think of finding great women lol? (Am kidding but it’s true.) Truth is, it’s all well and good to have a desire to find your wife in church, but I guess if the only reason you came to church was to stalk or troll for beautiful, spirit filled women, then there is a problem. I have realized as I have grown older that many guys have the “single guy searching mindset”. Simply put they wake up each day feeling lonely and wishing they could have someone to talk to, laugh with, plan their life with and indulge in every romantic imagination you can fathom with a lady they can call their own.

For real though being single can really suck, but this shouldn’t be our mindset when entering the house of God or anywhere we hope to find a godly woman. There are many amazing single ladies in the world, enough for every single guy out there. The only problem is that many guys aren’t where they need to be in life. You see, the wife God has for you is drawn to you like a moth to a flame when you are walking out your purpose—your purpose is the force that will attract her to you.

She could have been the one you saw at that concert or maybe not, but what will truly make you connect during your first few moments of talking to each other is purpose. Purpose is not just about having a job but discovering and walking in God’s perfect will; for your wife is as the bible describes a helpmeet…and how do you get help when you aren’t in need of help? I will love you to take note of this: A real woman can see through a man and discern her role as a helpmeet in his life as she understands their unified purpose; but a woman who is not for you will be the type that is only attracted to the fruits of your purpose (the money, the house(s), the fame etc) and not your purpose itself. Be careful of such ladies for when the fruits leave, they like all pests will move to another tree; a real godly woman however will help you plant again when things go down.

Many young Christian men talk about marriage because they are burning within—that is, they have strong urges for sex and hope that marriage will quench their thirst. However, rushing into marriage with anyone just because of sex can be your biggest mistake and downfall if you aren’t careful. The truth is so many women can give you sex for free, as a gift or to ruin you; but your helpmeet is more than a bed companion, she is an extension of you, God’s gift to you.

In conclusion, when you go to church or any Christian gathering, go entirely because of God. Fulfill your mandate in His house and whatever ministry He has called you to, and you—you and your heavenly gift of a wonderful wife—will find each other as you walk in God’s purpose.

Thanks for reading :). Do share your thoughts if you have any. Stay blessed :).

4 thoughts on “Who is it?

  1. These work of yours is very powerful and trust u me is going on everywhere I pleading with you to host a big youth conference and educate us more on these areas of life most of the Christian guys are into these problems I believe your idea and great insight can really help 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🔥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. God bless you for your kind words. As the Lord leads Daniel🙏🏽🙏🏽😊. In the mean time, do kindly share this message with any Christian friend who will be blessed. You can also message me if you have any questions that you will love me respond to on this page. God bless you for reading 🙏🏽.


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