We are all in need

Crazy world we live in. Some wake up contemplating death, whiles many others wake up and go through the day fighting to keep their joy. (There are other happy and joyful people out there, but they aren’t the focus of what I am writing.)

I check my social media accounts everyday and many people have a wise saying or two, some, if you read deeply between the lines are birthed out of hate, sadness or a difficult moment. Some also in trying to get their daily fix of joy, post an image and hope the comments and likes can liven them up. We all know or can relate because we have either lived through this or know a friend who has.

Recently I read a couple of posts online about celebrities who had committed suicide and many comments from people advising people to check up on their strong friends and all. But let’s be real, how many people really reveal their heart anymore? The question “how are you?” I believe, has become one of the most useless questions ever. Simply because the answer you will always get is the same. Who on earth types or says “oh I am not fine and am going through a lot” when asked how are you? I think what we truly need to do is not to ask such questions but to simply be people who others can open up to and who can be very transparent as well. On top of all that is simply to be a vessel through which God can work through. I say this because the worst experience one can have is to be going through a down moment only to open up to someone who doesn’t speak out of Godly wisdom. This causes us to coil in our shells. So yeah I guess all I am trying to say is people just need people who aren’t just good listeners but who can truly heal them with their words as well.

Suicidal thoughts and depression are really terrible battles that people truly experience. The modern battles that people face in life aren’t like the ones that people experienced in times past. The poverty, debt, heartbreaks, sicknesses and pains caused by all these are tearing relationships apart. Truthfully it’s best to just assume that everyone isn’t fine and in need of a boost of the fruit of God’s spirit. Emotional pain is a respecter of no man. And trust me in today’s world, no amount of money, sex, porn, narcotic drugs, painkillers, alcohol, sleep, video games and every form of escapism can ever take away emotional pain. We all know this! I guess what we don’t know is how God can heal that pain and keep our heads up high through everything. When God says His grace is sufficient and that His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses, what does He mean? How can we be strengthened in our lowest points through what Paul describes? Do we pray for God’s grace? What does Paul mean when He says we should be anxious for nothing and that in everything in supplications we should give thanks to God (Philippians 4:6)? Is this the cure to suicidal thoughts? Are thoughts of anxiety that lead to depression and suicide simply arrows from demonic entities surrounding an individual? And is this cry to God our plea for His intervention? This is worth thinking about!

Sad society

It’s like the world is one big sad society chasing after visions we hope will give us meaning in this life. Majority of people aren’t happy. And this isn’t to place a pessimistic view in your mind about life. But to me it shows how much of God we all, me included, don’t understand. God makes me promises in His word but why aren’t we tapping into them? Does God promise a smooth sailing journey throughout life? What are the perks for obeying His purpose? There is suffering everywhere and sadness in a lot of homes. But how can we end this? Can we?

We are all in need

Whenever many people hear the word needy, they tend to think about a person coming from a deprived home wearing tattered clothes and who has probably not showered or eaten in days. We think of kids in rural communities or people who we assume are from low income backgrounds.

But now I do believe this word is just skewed to suit the perspective of those who are financially stable; but being needy is not just limited to finance. Today there are a lot of needy people amongst us, people in need of things, experiences and answers that they can’t purchase with money. Needs that have driven some to commit suicide and others into numerous divorces and unstable relationships. It’s the need for a clear purpose in life-one that fills our hearts with unending love, peace and joy. You see, without a clear vision of who we are and why we are here, we will go through each day in search of answers from the same wrong sources that leave us empty.

The question is, how do we find this? This is something my mind wrestled with for some time. How does one find fulfillment and not hate their jobs and all even when the world thinks they are super-talented or gifted? It’s easy to have talent, it’s easy to be gifted because what we have are gifts. Improving on one’s skills is done through hard work, dedication and learning, yes, but as a gift it doesn’t bore us. As time goes on, however, one only realises that these gifts are nothing but tools to achieve a higher purpose. Why will God give a person the talent to sing and another the ability to draw or even be great at math. Why? How do all these gifts and individuals need to use their gifts for a higher purpose? It’s crazy when you see people you call creatives in their prime committing suicide. Within the past ten years, there have been people from fashion, music, film and culinary worlds (to name a few) ending their lives at what people call the peak of their crafts. But the question is were they using their gifts to the fullest? Were they really in their prime or were they disconnected from the Giver of their gifts? I will be honest with you, creating can get really lonely when disconnected from a higher purpose. It’s easy to create and all, and with more jobs and money, we as creatives just keep burning away till we realize that money or the joy of just being a creative machine or being the greatest can no longer motivate us. We want more, we want God. But how do we get Him? How do we tie our gifts to the very one who made us? We live in a broken world, but our works don’t need to be broken. We live in a broken world so we as creatives must use our gifts to bring healing, but to do this first, we ourselves must receive healing from God. Creatives are to be vessels of light in this dark world, and not humans who fan the flames of lust, debauchery, madness, murder, envy, greed and the sins that have destroyed our lives and relationships. The fact that we struggle doesn’t mean we should stand for our struggles—don’t sing your pain, sing the healing you want others like you to receive. We need to stand for the freedom we desire. This is the true pathway out of the darkness that keep cloaking many creatives and leading them closer and closer to the flames that consume a man’s soul. We are all in need, so let’s work together to end the suffering amongst humanity.

4 thoughts on “We are all in need

    1. Yeah! I feel we need to come up with a new question. Maybe like “Hi, do you need help with anything or want someone to talk to?” As the Lord gives wisdom and leads though. Thanks for reading and more🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  1. “How are you”… The sentence as simple as it is, has deeper meaning.
    I simply want to know the general wellbeing of a friend colleague family etc. That’s one meaning…
    well I do not entirely agree about coming up with a new question ..if we did, Not every one finds it comfortable to open up to people…we choose whom we want to share highlights of our day with as well as some low moments….I think it’s an individual choice….

    However,some people are comfortable about sharing their personal life experiences with others irrespective of who is asking” How are you? Most times they are unable to talk bout those personal stuff because the reply is usually” I AM WELL” ..if we do change the question , perhaps it will be beneficial to people who do not mind sharing their experiences…


    1. Thanks for sharing Naa. Before I begin: How are you?


      I guess coming up with a new question may be drastic, I agree. It all boils down to TRUST. Even if we do change the question, there must still be a level of trust, and an assurance that the person you are speaking to can truly be of help if need be.

      Do check out my post titled “ sharing your problems” if you can🙏🏽.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.


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