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“I am because of God!” This short yet powerful statement summarizes my life. Everything I am, everything I do, everything I have been given, every place I have been to, everything opportunity I have been given; it’s all by the handiwork of God. Indeed, I have come this far by Grace. I would not be who I am today; if I had not made the decision to walk with Christ. I can tell you for a fact that; it has been the best decision of my life! And God has been so faithful and merciful!

Being brought up in a Christian home helped me get to this point. My mum used to teach my sister and I the Gospel from a very young age. She used to pray for us each day and bless us! I would say my mum’s actions played a huge role in shaping my Christian life. However, I personally made the decision to wholeheartedly come to Christ in August of 2015. That was the day I decided to take my walk with God very seriously. Despite this, my whole life is an amalgamation of testimonies- right from birth. God has been so good; I don’t even know where to start!

I will be sharing various testimonies on my health. I have been battling health issues for a large part of my life. However, I will be sharing my health journey from the age of 10/11. I was in class 5 (preparing to go to class 6) at this point. I used to have very serious migraines—a migraine is the (closest) word to explain the pain I was feeling. I used to cry for hours and hours because of the pain. No one understood the pain I was going through. This pain used to happen literally every day—right after school. After a few months of no solution, my mum and I began to pray about this every single day! Like many “baby” Christians, we think that after praying for a few weeks, God will do a miracle; then all your pains are wiped away. Don’t get me wrong! God has the power to heal all our hurt and pains instantly. In fact, the battle against the enemy is already won. But we have to possess that victory and take it by force. The enemy would not sit idle for you to enjoy! Oh no! He is fighting for what is ours. The Bible says in Matthew 11:12 (NKJV), “And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” As Christians, we must rise up and take what is ours from the enemy.

Back to the story—after a few months of daily prayer about these migraines; the migraines did not stop. Fast forward to a year and a few months, my mum (in a conversation with my grandmother), found out that she has similar migraines—so as a few of my grand aunties. Then we realized, this was a generational curse/ attack. We then changed our prayer from just a prayer for healing into warfare. [At times, when we go through certain battles; it is great to find the source of it all. So that you can attack it at the roots—this is a more helpful solution. If not, you will be doing surface work, it’s as though you are chopping off the leaves or branches off a tree. Once the roots are intact, the tree would grow once more. If you severe or destroy the roots, the tree cannot and will not grow. In summary, as we changed our prayer, then we began to realize the difference. The migraines became less frequent—once in a week, which grew to once every three weeks, etc., until it was finally gone. I was so overjoyed (worn out) but overjoyed by this. God helped me through this battle. During that period anything and everything could have gone wrong. My schoolwork could have suffered, my life could have been consumed by the pain and eventually given way to the enemy. However, God was faithful! Throughout my fight, He kept me and preserved my life. He equipped me throughout the journey (a two-year journey)—He revealed the issue at hand and helped me to the finish line.

After this point, I thought that was the end of all the battles with my health. OOh but the enemy had plans contrary to my beliefs. In form 5, preparing to write my IGCSE, I started to feel sharp pains in my knee and my leg. I never really thought much of it—I thought I probably hit my knee/ leg against something or I sprained something. For about 6 months, I dealt with the pain and went on normally. After all, I had a major exam coming up. After a while, the pains stopped. Never thought that the pains would return but even worse. In lower six, after class, on my way back home from school, I felt a sharp pain in my leg. I have never felt this sort of pain before- it was very different from the headaches (honestly at this point I had forgotten all about the hurdle I went through with my migraines). I couldn’t walk properly without dragging my feet and/ or limping. Long story short, the pains were on and off. Some days, I would be perfectly normal; other days I would be in so much pain. No one had answers to my issue (once again). During the summer break of 2016, I embarked on a journey to Saint-Malo, France for a one-month immersion program. This trip was supposed to give me the opportunity to practice my French- as I was preparing to take my A levels exam the following year. Luckily, in France, I got a job at a “Patisserie”. I loved my job. I was very happy and grateful for the opportunity. Unfortunately, one day when I woke up, I couldn’t move. I tried, with all my efforts, to get up from bed, but I couldn’t.

Long story short, I had to walk using crutches. I had to stop going to work! At the hospital, the doctors could not find the source of my pain and recommended that I have a spinal tap done. I thought to myself, “How can I be in this position?”

I remember the first night I came from the hospital, my mum called me and blasted me. I was so angry. I wondered why she was screaming at me. Though the mode of delivery wasn’t the best. Thinking back, it was the best. I wished she would talk to me like my dad- calm and reassuring. However, her words forced me to rise up in prayer.

She was shouting at me for allowing the enemy to win the battle. She told me to rise up and pray; then abruptly ended the call. Back in bed, in the early hours of the morning, I began to cry out to God to intercede in my situation. Early in the morning, I spoke to my parents. My dad informed me that they had agreed that I do not take the test. [I was grateful for that decision because it gave me the opportunity to show of my God and His Mighty Power! ] After crying out to God, I knew God was working on it.

Unfortunately, I did not fulfill my end of the bargain—I stopped praying about the issue. Fast forward to the first year of uni, the pains started once again. This time around, I had learned my lesson. Together with my family and a friend, we prayed fervently against this issue. By God’s Grace, I overcame that battle. It has been almost four years since I last had the pains—by God’s Grace.

[One of the major lessons I learnt through this battle is pulling through to the end. As humans, we get weary and complacent. Once things seem better than the worse, we become complacent and stop fighting for perfection. Through this, God taught me about consistent prayer—prayer to the finish line. That is important.]

Throughout university, I have faced other health issues, but I know that I am a conqueror and a victor. The enemy has no hold over me. The enemy is just trying to slow me down—but I am not going to give him the chance. I will like to use this opportunity and platform to encourage you to keep pressing on as well. God is with you! He has never failed His children and He will never fail his children. Continue to look up to Him and He will guide you! Amen!

Like I mentioned in the beginning, my life is a testimony. I think what I have just shared is about a tenth of what God has done for me. From the emotional/ mental battles, I struggled with, at the start of university to the battles associated with the creation of my ministry (Sammies Ministry) and daily devotional blog (Sammie’s Daily Dose); to the struggles with my business (Kaniya) and many others. God has been faithfully by my side through it all; teaching me and molding me to be a Christ-like disciple. The availability of this piece is a testimony—the countless number of times I have had to re-type my testimony. (The first attempt, my whole testimony, just before I finished, got wiped out. The second time, my laptop froze. The third time, my laptop was not turning on after I shut it down during the process. With all this, I pray that my testimony would inspire you and help you to realize that we serve a true and living God; who never fails. What I would like to leave for you is: the best decision you can take is to accept Christ and diligently seek Him. Never look at the world, though it is tempting, trust me, what you will gain from being God’s child is a billion/ trillion times better. After all, everything on earth, in the earth, under the earth, around the earth (lol), belongs to God. What would you ask such a loving Father that He would not provide for you!) God bless you!

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