The four mountains of entrepreneurial fears

I have been thinking about the subject of fear lately and how this affects the life of a creative entrepreneur. We all have our fears, but many times never sit down to analyze and battle these fears. We just accept them as ours and allow them to determine the course of our lives. In this short post, I will like to talk about four fears and hopefully after reading you will discover how to overcome them.

Let’s get right in. The four fears are:

1. The fear of inadequacy

2. The fear from suppression

3. The fear of debt (being unable to pay)

4. The fear of failure

The fear of inadequacy

This fear has one goal, and it is simply to tell us that we are aren’t good enough or qualified. The story of Moses comes to mind. He was a shepherd, tending to his father-in-law’s sheep somewhere in the wilderness. He had run away years before, after killing an Egyptian, for fear that he might be killed; and he was a stammerer. He looked at all these “insecurities” and had trouble accepting the purpose God had given him ( See Exodus 4).

One thing I have come to realize is this, God doesn’t make a mistake in choosing or gifting people; we as humans make mistakes by doubting the person God saw and appointed. It’s all about trusting the Giver of our gifts and not the opinions of others. Because the thing is, as long as you see yourself as inadequate, you will devalue yourself, set low goals and embrace mediocrity. And this is not the life we have been destined to live. Your are enough, remember that!

As long as God hired you for the job, you are the best there is; all you need to do is to allow Him to work within you to bring out what He sees in you.

Fear from suppression

This fear comes about when a person has been in a suppressive environment for long. A space where a person was probably told s/he was too young to make it, because success was reserved for the elderly. Or maybe a space where a woman was shutdown by a male figure who believed no woman can ever have a great calling. Or maybe a space where a person is suppressed by race. Whatever be the case, suppression is not from God. Any voice that wants to keep you tied up to mediocrity is not from God. Any voice that says you will always be a slave is not from God; any voice that says you will amount to nothing is not from God. Most people who project such seeds of fear upon others have their own fears to deal with, and feel the only way to stay superior or to never feel hopeless or like a failure is to bring others down.

Fear of debt (being unable to pay)

Another fear in business is the fear of debt (being unable to pay). Business is all about risk, you make money, spend money, grow money etc. and in doing all this you have mouths to feed and stakeholders to pay. The fear of not being able to pay, usually comes to people who have had a bad debt experience in their past: for example they owed someone and had an embarrassing encounter as a result. For this reason they might choose never to start a business or hire new employees. This fear is a great crippler; it may either cause one to hire cheap labor who in turn get a bad job done or simply do all the work by themselves, leading to stress and stagnation.

Fear of failure

The fear of failure is another fear that cripples entrepreneurs. It’s a fear that simply says don’t waste your time starting because it may not work again. To be honest, one has to be ready to deal with failure in business because not everything works out. Everything is a risk, and with risk comes two outcomes success or failure. And as they say failure is just another way of letting you know how something doesn’t or shouldn’t work. You can lose it all and start again if you are determined to do things differently the next time around. Failure is just a school and as long as you are ready to sit through all the classes, success waits at the end. Have you ever wondered why the number one or top positions in many areas and industries are reserved for a few? It’s because only a few were willing to go through all the hurdles and failures to get there. We hear of the homeless man who became a billionaire, or the companies that almost suffered bankruptcy and people who started life from the scratch after losing it all. How did they come back? It’s by embracing failures and fears and doing things differently. God gives us all the same opportunities, but it’s only those who are willing to fight through failures and fears to get the reward that do in the end.

Lastly I will like to say this, fear is not badge we need to wear with honor, it’s a pest that needs to terminated. And only God holds the keys to fighting the fears that plague us.

Don’t worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7 (HCSB)

Thanks for reading. Do let me know below if you have any thoughts or comments.

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