Yaa’s Story

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I don’t remember the exact date when I became ‘born again’. I know a lot of people celebrate that as an anniversary but sadly I can’t recall. What I remember is how I got deeper into His word and that is my testimony.

Recently a preacher mentioned something about Hannah that struck me. In 1 Samuel 1, we see Hannah who desperately wanted a child and had to endure the taunting of Peninah. What a thorn in the flesh! That must have been a painful thing to go through. But Hannah fueled all her pain into seeking God and praying. Maybe we need something as a reminder to push us deeper into prayer. To travail like Hannah in tough times while enduring the pain. Just like everyone else, I have had my share of difficult times for a few years. But I believe God ordains such times to draw us closer to Him and build up our faith. Those experiences were my Peninah and boy did it work! After my final results came in after medical school, I packed up and went straight home. No chilling. No photoshoots. NOTHING! I honestly cannot tell you what I was thinking at that time. I had no idea the period of preparation I was entering. That was when God took me through what I call my waiting period. I don’t remember how it began. But in those days, I devoured His Word especially the Old Testament. I still have the Amplified Bible I read at that time and I treasure it dearly. Every highlighted word, every underlined word, every scribble means so much to me. God took me through a season of seeking and dwelling in His word and that transformed my entire life. At a time when my human mind thought doing some work in a hospital to prepare me for the journey ahead (and make a little cash) would have been the most logical thing to do. Yes, I did look around but I knew deep down what that season was about.

Now, almost 4 years down the road, I am extremely grateful for that period. I studied His Word and it became and still is my only light. God knew the journey I was about to embark on and that period was preparing me adequately for it. This testimony may not be like ‘typical’ ones we hear all the time. But it truly is the greatest testimony of my life. That I surrendered to His will and obeyed Him. That I had a laser-sharp focus on His Word. This has turned my life around so positively. If you’re reading this today, remember this; Yes God calls the unqualified but by His word and your obedience, He will qualify you. Surrender and allow Him to take over. And when you have gone through it, let your light shine so that more people would be drawn unto Him.

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