Priscilla’s Story

Image 24.jpeg

I really thank God for all the good things he has done for me. I bless His Name for this testimony and I believe that I should share it for people to know that He is indeed a miracle working God. A month after school resumed, we came back home from our hostels because of the coronavirus, and started an online class on zoom. It was quiet difficult for me because my internet was really bad. I had issues with my phone and I could not submit my assignments on my student platform. I was worried about all this but by God’s grace we finished the online class successfully.

I however had one challenge in that I couldn’t submit any of my assignments. I sent them to a friend to submit both my assignment and exams, but unfortunately he couldn’t submit one of my assignments and that was the only assignment we had done in that course so it made me worried and very restless. But I prayed about it and the next day texted another friend and told her to submit my assignment but she said the system had closed and there was no way she could submit it. I told her to try and it didn’t open and insisted that she tried again. It opened the second time around. I was really surprised but thankful and knew it was the Lord’s doing. She tried submitting a different person’s work as well but unfortunately the system closed immediately she submitted my work.

I thank God for this testimony. He is a God of wonders and we need to have faith in Him.

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