Today, I have an interview with an inspiring creative who is making amazing moves in the sustainable fashion space: Priscilla Agyeman of Kor.le.Kour. I purchased one of my first fashion accessories (beautiful blueish-green wrist beads) from her some years back. I however, never knew the impact these beads were having on the environment till recently. So without further ado, lets delve into the world of Kor.le.kour.

What does “sustainable fashion” mean to you and your brand?

At Kor.Le.Kour we see sustainable fashion as the process whereby fashion items are made from waste materials. Thus running a circular economy, where nothing goes to the bin but is rather reused.


What is something you wish people knew about sustainable fashion?

Especially in Ghana I wish people will understand that our source materials (discarded glass debris amongst others) would have ended up in the gutters or a landfill; but are rather reused, extending their life span and creating jobs for the local economy.


Do you think sustainable fashion is here to stay ?

Yes, definitely especially after Corona people are now beginning to understand the environmental impact of our actions.


Do you think fashion can be used as a tool for social change?

It can be a catalyst but we will need the money and strong influence from the industry leaders to see this change.

In your opinion,which brands are setting the standard for sustainable fashion ?

Osei Duro Larry Jay

Thanks for reading. Find out more about Kor.le.kour by clicking the button below.

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