Reuel’s Story

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Hello there, my name is Reuel Adetunji-Oyewo. I thank God and the organizers of this initiative for giving me the platform through their ministry to share my testimony of my savior Jesus Christ, and I pray it blesses whoever comes across it.  
Where to start from is a bit of a challenge, but the Holy Spirit will help me navigate to his desired taste. 

I was born into a Christian home with both parents into ministry by the grace of God, I had a fair idea of Jesus and salvation but I never really knew him, not as a result of negligence from my parents but as scripture says “while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares”, and some of those tares started to show their heads as time went by. 

The boy who once was academically sound started deteriorating drastically, the boy who once loved scripture and looked up to the inspiring stories of his favorite bible heroes now had little or no interest and saw those stories as mere words. A lot of questions started coming up, but no answers. This same boy started delving in into the relief system of the world (alcohol, parties etc..) to find an escape for the sad realities his life had turned into, he drifted away so much it resulted in a brewing hatred for the God he once and said he loved, so much so I would go into a personal closet to insult Him to His face just to see if He would show up and face me, but I’m grateful He didn’t because hmm.

The question then becomes how did this same boy go from that state, to proclaiming and declaring Jesus boldly in the open once again. Well the answer would be that even though he didn’t show up when I was reigning insults on Him, He never stopped loving me, and one day on a hospital bed fully knowing I was facing life and death, as a matter of fact the patient who was brought in after me had just passed away some moments after coming in and so I so with all I had done over the years I was sure my fate was also the same, but I called out to my Savior once again, and the one whom I thought I could use insults to provoke His manifestation, showed up in His love and mercy, with a second chance in His hand that I took without a second thought. And the same day, I was discharged from the hospital. He also used my parents, a wonderful Woman of God, friend and sister named Angela, and the ministry of a one of a kind emissary of God’s kingdom named Apostle Kingsley Ajei-Godson my spiritual father, to help redirect and re-align my steps to His will. 
Today I am walking in restoration, growing knowledge, understanding, intimacy with the Father, direction and expansion in ministry and all other areas the Lord has given by His mercies, and like Apostle Paul, I can say that “I am fully persuaded” that with Jesus as the captain of the vessel, no tides or issues will separate me from His love.

I could go on about a lot more, but testimonies are messengers sent to specific people and I believe by the leading of the Holy Spirit, this portion which has been shared is for a particular recipient, and I want to encourage whoever that is not to give up or make some of the mistakes I made, but rather open your heart and come to Jesus, because He loved you, he loves you and he will continue to love you. 
Shalom 🤍.

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