Seyram’s Story


Got so many testimonies to give God for all the beautiful things He has done for me, but the most overwhelming encounter is how He delivered me from my addictions, precisely pornography. People say it’s impossible to overcome addictions, well yea, through human understanding and strength there’s no way we can overcome them. But God is truly a God of possibilities. I am porn-free.

I got addicted to porn at 12. A friend brought some explicit movies to watch because apparently they were so interesting. I got enticed and totally hooked.Everyone thought I was okay, but deep down I was dying inside. Porn was my source of happiness but that rather took me on a different turn of depression and anger. My world was dark. It was as though I was in prison. The devil kept feeding on my mind. I felt I was never good enough and that I was a failure even before marriage lol. People thought I had anger issues.. well I perfectly understand now ‘cause I was literally a mess. I needed out, I needed to be set free.

But Joshua 1:9, which says and I quote “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” This compelled me to be bold enough to seek help from my pastors whom God used as vessels to bring me out of that dark world. This is something most of us run away from because we feel we would be condemned. But that’s a plot from the devil. People are always willing to help if you totally surrender to God. By God’s grace, He has cleansed me and made me whole again! He’s always there to give me that peace and joy I was looking for in porn. I don’t take Him for granted at all. I am porn-free!! Glory to God!!!

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