Egya’s Story


My name is Egya Micah.

Want to share my testimony to the world

When I went into the university in 2013, I went in with the mindset of having a great time…enjoyment here and there, partying (till mama calls) and all that. My elder sister was a leader in a campus ministry at the time and she was in her final year. During my first week in KNUST she invited me to a church called Harvest Chapel (that’s the name of the campus ministry she was in). I was a bit reluctant to go because I had plans but I didn’t want her trouble so I reluctantly obliged and went. When I got to the church the people there were welcoming and lovely and I knew some familiar faces(people I went to Secondary school with,mates and friends)so it wasnt a bit awkward at all. After the service, the leaders of the church spoke with me about fully joining the ministry but I felt they were talking too much so I agreed in order to hurry and leave and go enjoy the rest of my day. I vowed I wont go again (I was just pleasing my sister)but for some reason the following week, I went back and kept going, though I was still doing my chilling, there was something that kept reminding me that on Sunday I had to go to church at 6:30am.

Fast track to my 2nd year,my sister had then graduated so I was left alone and I felt that as for second year no disturbance from my sister so chilling at its peak. I started getting visits from alot of the members of the church and I felt they were disturbing me so I decided I wouldn’t go to church again. But I went back after a while. Generally I was living a double life; Sunday I’m a different person and during the rest of the week I was a TOTALLY different person. It went on till my 3rd year when I joined the ministry’s Transport Wing and I started to drive the church bus but inwardly I had no joy, I wasn’t happy that things weren’t going well for me. I was trailing in my courses, I was addicted to pornorgraphy and masturbation, I disrespected ladies etc. There was no joy, my Bible study and prayer and worship life was horrible, and even inspite of all this God chose me to be a leader of the church as the Head of the Transport Wing. Thinking things will change now that I’m a leader,things became worse. I grew worse to the extent that I became a people pleaser instead of a God pleaser. I was always doing good outside for people to see but in my closet I was something else. Fast forward to my final year, this was the height of my sorrows, I didn’t graduate, my parents were disappointed in me and everyone who looked up to me was disappointed and I knew God was disappointed. But still with this God GAVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE TO START AFRESH. One day, I went to church and listened to a sermon by our campus Head Pastor and my spiritual father,Rev.Dr.Joseph Obeng Baah. He said  (in summary)…”that once you invite God into your life every other thing falls into place”….and truly after accepting God into my life wholeheartedly and making Him Head over my life,things were working for my good. He gave me right friends,connected me to the right people. No more masturbation or pornography, I was reconciled with God,my family and friends and now BY God’s Grace and benevolence things are falling in place for me. Good job,I got a degree last year and I have the opportunity to continue studying. My prayer life and word life is wonderful by Gods grace. Things are just wonderful because I MADE GOD THE HEAD OF MY LIFE!!!


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