Caritas’ Story


1) Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do

Caritas Violet Naa Ayele Aryee. I am a content creator, brand manager & influencer and philanthropist. I am a young woman who is chasing her dreams no matter the challenges. I live in Ghana.

2) Can you share a story or testimony with us about how God has supported you in your business journey.

During this covid time I lost all my clients. I had 6 of them. I work with start ups. I manage their brands online so everything online i do that for them. They all ended the contracts because of Covid. I wasn‘t working for about three months, during this time I was home, also because of the lockdown. I tried to reach out to brands  via email to at least pitch to them you know. I can promise you that no one responded. I called people but had no results . So I decided to learn more about my content creating field as well as grow my food page which will be commercial in the near future. I went full force to upgrade my content creation skills and this led me into product photography. Yes, it’s not a space I expected to enter because the photographers are a lot.

I started learning and practicing. I developed so much love for it that I would just shoot products for sheygey reasons. Then I started my props etc yo! I got my first gig, then another gig, then another. I realised God wanted me to calm down and harness all that He has gifted me with. I went from no jobs to busy. I went from no income to income. I didn‘t have have much immediately but I am grateful charlie. I got a crack on my phone camera and I still use it. I am looking at getting a new phone by my birthday hopefully to do more. I took courses on phone photography and editing.

I am still taking classes and my love for product photography has become so deep I am looking at learning more.

I see myself becoming excellent with my new add-ons charlie. Suddenly brands also started reaching out for influencer deals and boy was I shocked. So much that I am currently one of Pizza Inn’s influencers. Look, I moved from regretting the field I chose, to saying “I still love this field”. The set back set me up for a lot and I am grateful charlie.

3) Can God truly bless people in business or is the business world all dark and messy?

 God can bless people in this dark and messy business space. We are just not patient enough. I love my patience charlie. It‘s not beans but I love it because God’s own is always better. God can and I know it.

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