Adom’s Story


My testimony is about how God’s plans reign in the end.

Last year 2019, during my final exams- that was a day before my final exams. It was almost 11pm and I usually study from my phone. Unfortunately during that time, my charger got spoilt and I had to use a roommate’s charger. He felt bothered so I gave him back his charger and I had to go out and look for some.
Going forward, I went to the opposite room and asked for a charger but no one had. Immediately I was about to leave a “visitor” came into the room. And he had heard asking me a charger so he willingly gave me his charger and said I could use it this night. I was really grateful.

Fast forward, my mother called and gave me some words of encouragement and after the call, I felt the need to pray. I prayed for a couple of minutes then went back to burn the candles as I had less time and a few topics to cover for the exam. 

I’ll like you all to read here carefully all that happened

My exam was at 8 am. I slept at around 4 to 5 am; So I went to the washroom and came back inside and then locked the door and went straight to bed. My roommates were gone deep in sleep. My movements didn’t move them one bit.

(But God works in mysterious ways, I just didn’t see any of the things coming)

This info is an add-on—— I also had a close lady friend that we normally go to write the exams with almost every-time- like my alarm- she was a very good friend. But a few days before the final exams she turned cold and was mad at me for no reason. So she stopped calling whenever we had a paper. Additionally, the night before I slept I decided to keep 5 cedis at the back of my pocket. That was the only money I had on me at that point. Don’t laugh.

Now back to when I closed my books, locked the room, and slept. During the day, while in sleep I felt a very cold breeze with this warm feeling and it was like I paid for a massage service. I was so comfortable and all I could feel or hear was the desire to sleep more. So I decided to sleep more.

Then someone tapped me and said, “Yo! “
Funny enough, It was the guy that gave me his charger. He needed his charger back, as I was giving it to him, my screen light came on and I saw the time. It was 9:40 am. Immediately I saw the time I jumped out of the bed and washed my face, didn’t brush, dressed, and wore my glasses. All I had on me was my pen and pencil.

So I rushed downstairs and realized the buses broke down that morning. Oh boy! not this time. I was so down and confused. Then I remembered I had some money in my pocket. So I rushed to where the private taxis were and it was just one driver that was available. But he had been booked. I was about to walk/run to the business school and the driver changed his mind and said that he’ll take me because the person that booked him had just changed his mind. I pled with the driver to take me to the “need for speed” level. We reached the faculty in a couple of minutes.

Now you won’t believe what I saw and heard.

When I got out of the car I saw my mates outside. I thought they were done with the exam. I was about to call the driver back to take me back to my hostel because it was too much for me. Then I decided to go to one of my colleagues.

Then I asked a lady who was in her car and that “what’s up?” Now don’t get me wrong here. Let me say this.
She spoke as though she was possessed.
All she said was “Adom, where have you been? We’ve been waiting for you” I started to get goosebumps.

I was shocked and didn’t believe what was happening.
So I went further to another colleague and sat by him.
Then I asked him the same question. “What’s up?”
These were the words from his mouth.“We entered the exams hall. The sheets and questions were shared to us. But all of a sudden they told them there was a problem with the question paper. And that changes had to be made so they all had to come outside. Unfortunately for them, they had been sitting outside for more than an hour and 30 minutes. And they didn’t exactly know why.”

Fast forward in less than 10 minutes. The question papers were ready. We were asked to all go in and start the exams. I want to use this platform to encourage everyone or anyone that sees this message that God’s timing is always the best. And everything happens for a reason.

Romans 8:28 says that “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

I can’t thank God enough for all that He has done me. I’m so grateful for everything.

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