Sena’s Story

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I am the 8th child of my father. I was born in Akatsi, a village in the Volta region of Ghana. My dad married 3 women and fathered 11 children. He chased after women and used whatever income he earned as a blacksmith for that purpose. Growing up, we occupied ourselves with survival. It was our mothers who took care of us. We helped them with farming and other ventures to cater for our upkeep.

The hard times meant that enrollment in school was a challenge. I was passionate about education and dreamed of attending school. I finally got the opportunity. After trekking many kilometres to school and back, I completed junior high school (JHS) in 2009.

The economic reality set in after JHS. I migrated to Togo with my mum to do odd jobs to afford my senior high school (SHS) education. We carried heavy loads, slept on verandas and did whatever we could find to do. After I enrolled, it was a kind teacher’s intervention of paying my fees that enabled me to complete SHS in 2013.

I decided to find work to be able to afford university. My first job paid GHS 100 a month, which was not even enough to cover my bills. An opportunity arose to work as a house help in Accra. I decided to embrace it for the interim and moved to Accra.

After 4 years of working, I still couldn’t find a suitable job. The mistress I was working for had a job at the presidency. She told me to pray so that if ever there was a vacancy, she would help me get it. We waited for a long time and no vacancy arose, but she gave me the opportunity to start volunteering there.

God opened incredible doors. In April 2018, the hospitality director at the presidency employed me to a permanent position. After so many years of looking for a job, I got hired at the Office of the President. Moreover, she gave me, the new hire, responsibilities with high-security clearance.

In 2019, after 6 years of waiting to go to university, I gained admission to the University of Ghana, Legon. My admission fee was not a challenge. By God’s grace, I earned very good grades at the end of my first semester, studying Accounting.

I have been so blessed and favoured by God. I never thought that I would make it to university. I am the first child of my mother to go to university. My job has been very understanding and lets me work around my lecture times.

It may look at times like there is nothing good that can come out of your situation. But we serve a God who is constantly at work where our eyes cannot see. It is in the waiting and, at the appointed time, He will outdoor you to the glory of His name.

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