Ashley’s Story

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In 2015, I battled with alcohol and cigarettes. Being on campus was not helpful since I always succumbed to pressure to do all sorts of things for ‘boys boys’.

On April 18th, I hit rock bottom. I had been quarreling with a friend and drowned my pain in alcohol. My friends told me that I did many funny things, but to this day I cannot recall anything. I had blacked out.

I have always been someone who manages to look strong on the outside whenever I’m facing any issues. I go to church and diligently perform all my duties. During my battle with alcohol this was no different. No one could tell I was struggling and I did not think I needed help.

In May, some weeks after my blackout incident, I decided to go for a drama rehearsal at church because I was bored. At rehearsal, the drama president gave me his role in the upcoming drama production. So now, I had to attend rehearsals 3 times a week, and this was my turning point. It took my mind off drinking and smoking.

In August, Accra Ridge Church had its annual Teen Camp program. Each year, I acted as supervisor, so it was nothing out of the ordinary. Though I had quit alcohol and smoking, church was still just a routine.

At an all night service during camp, a prophet asked me to do something ridiculous: to drink guava juice everyday for a week. Now, I regard these things, but I still struggle to believe them. At the time, I decided drinking guava juice will not hurt me, so I did it. On 23rd August, I bought the juice and started the one week program. Absolutely nothing happened when I drank the first glass, but I had committed to one week. On 29th August, my drama group had a cookout to thank God for a successful production. It was also the last day of guava week. Still, nothing had happened. I went home after the cookout thinking that the prophet had fooled me.

I went to bed that same night around 11pm. Around 2:30 AM, I suddenly woke up to see strange, terrifying figures in my room. As is normal for any Christian, I began to shout, “Jesus!”

Before I could finish saying “Jesus”, a host of angels entered my room and lit up the place (this was during ‘dumsor’ so the room was very dark). The atmosphere shifted, and I wasn’t frightened anymore. Rather, I started singing praises as the angels cleared the room of all the terrifying figures. After a while, all the angels left, but a giant angel remained at my door.

When I checked my phone, it was only 3 o’clock. I needed to tell someone, but my mom wasn’t in the country. I called an older friend from church to tell him about my experience and he prayed with me. After the call, I tried to go back to sleep.

I closed my eyes to sleep and I could see clouds; so I opened my eyes, but I could still see them. Then, through the clouds I could see light shining so bright. The amazing thing was that angels holding weapons were standing on those clouds. The angels were cheering for a reason I did not know. This vision disappeared, and the giant angel was still standing by my door. He was guarding me and every time he looked outside my room the place would shine (the power was still out).

I tried to sleep again, and I kept on seeing a blue light, whether I closed my eyes or not. When I told some friends this, they told me it was Jesus, but I don’t know these things. I started to talk to the angel since I could not sleep. I asked him if he was there to protect me and he nodded. I also asked him if I needed to start going for fellowship meetings and he nodded again. I don’t know why, but I didn’t ask more questions. I continued to praise God and decided to write down the whole experience.

Around 4:45 AM, I turned on the generator and began to write. At 5 AM, the bell at our gate rang. I brushed it off. At 5:15, the bell rang again. I found this very strange and a bit scary, after what I had just experienced. I was still writing when the bell rang again at 5:30. I was very confused about what someone would be doing outside my house at that time, but I ignored it once again. The bell rang again at 5:45, and I became afraid. I remembered the angel who was still there, and I told him to check on the gate. The angel went, and the bell never rang again. The angel left afterwards, but I knew he was still around.

After a sleepless night, I went to church in the morning ready to tell everyone my story. I never cease to be amazed that God never left me. At my lowest point, He picked me up and gave me this wonderful experience.

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