Interview with Isshaq Ismail




First of all, I will have to say Isshaq Ismail is one of my favourite Ghanaian artists; and definitely one I will call a mentor. I met him at an art workshop, about three years ago and it has been nothing but mutual support since.

Last year I was privileged to design his website, but today I will love us to talk about his art and the man behind the amazing pieces he makes.

Let’s dive in.

The Interview

What’s your favourite thing about being an artist?

For me being an artist is an open practice, it affords me the luxury and autonomy to explore, investigate and question sociocultural and political narratives. Moreover using my art as a tool to make polemic statements.

How will you describe your style? Do follow a particular art movement or have your crafted your own?

My style is “Infantile Semi-Abstract”. A term I conceived lol. I don’t follow any art movement, but I am aware of them; so this becomes a great and tremendous tool for me so that I could discard it. This whole idea of learning and unlearning helps me manipulate hues, shapes and forms.

When should we expect the next exhibition? And how can collectors find out more about you and your work?

For now I can’t tell because I am still making a new body of works. Hopefully very soon lol. Collectors can engage me digitally via

Facebook :

Instagram :

Website :

YouTube :

or they can visit my studio in Accra, Ghana after the Covid -19 pandemic dust settles.

Thanks for the interview Isshaq and thank you for reading as well.

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