interview with Emilomo


Emilomo is an amazing singer and a true worshipper. I got a chance to first listen to her live in church and at an event before the release of her single. And to say it was an honour to work on her album cover will be an understatement.

Today, I want to ask her three questions, about her single, THE ORDER OF THINGS and more. Let’s dive in.

What inspired TOOT?

A Good friend of mine had just died, none of us saw it coming, we weren’t prepared. I was wrestling with God on why he let it happen and with myself for not being a good friend as I could have been.

How would you describe your style of music?

Soul music. I love music that tears at your heart, like when Norah Jones rasps or Lianne La Havas belts or Brooke Ligertwood brings down heaven, music that unlocks something inside you as it takes you on a journey. That’s my style of music.

Emilomo, my last question for you is when should we expect more music?

Before the end of the year, if this year ever ends.

Order of things 3000 border - final.pngOrder of things 3000 border - final.png

Thank you Emilomo and thank you for reading.

Her amazing song can be found on all major streaming services online. Follow her on Instagram at @emitsunami

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