Samuel’s Story

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In December 2016, I bought my first car. It was a used 2013 registered Sedan. It was not fancy, but it was good enough for me. After a year and a few months, the car suddenly started giving me so many problems. I started taking the vehicle for repairs but to no avail. A month later, the car simply stopped working and was stuck sitting at the mechanic’s workshop.

Around the same time the car stopped working completely, the architectural firm I work with was about to start a major development project (construction). I was supposed to be heavily involved in that project and needed my car in order to do so. I prayed about the situation and left it to God because it was becoming very costly to continue repairing my car.

Under the development project, a few vehicles were to be procured for senior project consultants. Prior to the vehicles being delivered, my boss called me to ask about the status of my car. I reported that it was currently at the mechanic’s and not working. When he asked if it was easily repairable, I told him that the mechanic could not even get the car to start.

The project eventually started and I had to move back and forth from the site without a vehicle. A week after my first call with my boss, he called me again and said he felt as though he should give me one of the vehicles, even though I was not a senior consultant whom the vehicles were meant for. I received the keys to a brand new 2017 Hilux pickup truck exactly a week after that call.

The only reason I received a new car was because my car had broken down at the time that it did. If I had a car, my boss would not have bothered. The inconvenience of a faulty car was actually a blessing in disguise for me to get a new car. Surprisingly, about two months after I got the new car, the sedan that had been stuck at the workshop started working again.

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