Flo’s Story

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I want to tell a story about how God always finds a way of bringing us back, rerouting us to Him according to His plan. In as much as we have a choice, His plans are always greater than ours. God has certainly saved me and moved me in line with what He thought and dreamt of me when I believed that I was so far gone and that I was not worthy. Now, I know God makes us worthy and perfectly capable of what He sends us out to do even when we do not feel like it and that He equips us.

So let me create a snapshot of 2016, when I was in my final year of university. I was in a year-long relationship with a guy, which was not very healthy in hindsight. I was attending a church frequently, but mostly because I felt obligated to go, since I had always gone from childhood. Also, I could find community and friends at church. Interestingly, I felt a desire to be in church and for more than just sitting in church every Sunday, but I never pursued this desire. I did not have any conviction to want to grow more in my faith in Jesus.

I was planning to become a drama teacher and had secured a teacher training institution after my final year. I could not see myself anywhere else, and I just settled into thinking that this was a good plan for my life. I was where I wanted to be. In the meanwhile, I discovered City Hearts (a non-profit organisation) in the UK and started doing work putting up a drama with some of the survivors of modern day slavery. I quickly became passionate about this work. It was so rewarding to see these people every week increase in their confidence, stop thinking about their trauma and whatever they were facing as they recovered, improving in their English and just interacting with the rest of the group.

I eventually decided that I wanted to more work with City Hearts to spread awareness about modern day slavery. A staff opportunity in Liverpool came up and staff encouraged me to apply for a role in the company, which I was excited about. I realized I no longer wanted to do teacher training. I wanted to have more adventures. Though I did not know it at the time, God was at work in me, moving me along to the better that he had in store for me.

Since I did not get the job, I took another opportunity to come visit Ghana. On the day I went to get my vaccinations, someone crossed my path who was doing a Master’s degree in international slavery studies. When I realized that, it was like a light bulb moment and I sensed quite clearly that I wanted to pursue this programme, to grow in my knowledge and re-apply to City Hearts. I emailed the director of the Master’s programme and explained my situation, coming from a drama background. He encouraged me to still apply. When I came back from Ghana a month later, I found out that I had been accepted into the programme.

After a year of amazing growth and earning my Master’s degree, I reapplied to City Hearts and got the job. I was posted to Sheffield, which meant I would have to move away from Liverpool. This was a blessing because I had stopped enjoying my life in Liverpool and had become very lonely. My relationship with my boyfriend had also ended because I found out he had not been faithful.

I really felt God putting things in place for me and felt such peace about my decisions to move to Sheffield and also to leave my boyfriend. God began putting people in my path to help me in my move. I got a job at a drama-based program in Leeds, where I met someone who attended Hope City Church at Sheffield and was familiar with City Hearts. When she found out I didn’t have a place to say, she spoke to a number of people and eventually connected me with a roommate who eventually became a very close friend. Looking back, I realize that God had put all the pieces together for my good and just to bring me back to Him. Before, I was in a place where I was quite broken and did not feel confident. Slowly, I began to realize how much God was for me and on my side, and that He was not against me. When I moved to Sheffield, I joined Hope City Church and met people who helped me grow in my faith. I received a lot of healing and became more open to God’s plans for my life. Today, I work with City Hearts in Accra, which is an amazing story in and of itself. There is a huge difference between who I am now and who I was in 2016. I just want to encourage someone that even if we don’t make the best of choices, God finds a way to reroute us because He always has a plan. He’s a way maker, so just be open to what He is doing. I’m at a season right now where I’m just willing to be open in faith and trust that He has the best intentions for me.

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