Delasi’s Story

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In 2015, I contracted what seemed like a regular, dry cough. As far as I can recall, I had contracted the cough the night before by eating ice cream on a cold, rainy night. It all seemed quite normal.

Then, the cough started to get irritating and my throat became sore. At this moment, I knew I needed medication. I self-medicated for a while to no avail. As the cough worsened, I went to the hospital where I was prescribed strong antibiotics. At this point, my dry cough had developed into a wet cough and become a more serious condition. When I coughed, I made this weird, embarrassing sound that could be heard even a mile away.

Weeks went by and the cough showed no signs of stopping. It had progressed to the point where I couldn’t eat without coughing. When I coughed, it felt like I was getting out of breath, like something was suffocating me. There were nights when I would wake up feeling like I was being strangled in my sleep. I knew my end was coming close.

I had started praying with the youth pastor at church for healing and I would call him whenever I had an attack. Later, I went to see the senior pastor at church, who revealed to me that this illness was beyond what I thought. He gave me some prophetic direction, which I did. (Prophetic directions are meant to be applied by faith.) In a week I was healed to the glory of God.

In 2016, about a year later, the sickness returned. I went through the same routine, with medications which didn’t work. Later, I went to see my senior pastor who prayed over a bottle of honey and instructed me to take it till the sickness went. After this prescription, I was healed again.

In 2017, once more, the sickness returned. This time, I decided to go directly to the senior pastor; however, he was in a busy season and could not meet me. Realising that I was not going to be able to get healing from him, something rose up within me. I asked myself, “Will I perish because I cannot see this pastor? Or, will I pray for myself and be healed?”

I chose the latter and I prayed over a bottle of honey. I took a few spoons whenever the cough tried to attack me and rebuked it in Jesus’ Name whenever I did cough. In less than a week, the sickness was gone.

In 2018, I had a similar case and, as led by Holy Spirit, I decreed the word of God while rebuking the sickness. Within a short while, it all disappeared to the glory of God.

There is power in the Name of Jesus and, at the mention of His Name, every knee shall bow. Jesus’ name is higher than every other name, be it cold, bronchitis, malaria, etc. With the authority in His Name and, as directed by the Holy Spirit, no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

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