Becca’s Story

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This story starts 18 years ago, in 2002; through a series of [unfortunate] events, I finished school with low marks, which I still find embarrassing to report after 18 years. I failed art, which, ironically, was the only lesson I remember once having done any homework for.

Fortunately for me, it was around this time that I accepted Jesus into my life. It was fortunate because I was placed in a loving church family with people who did not see me as worthless, which was how I saw myself. They helped me to see myself in the new light that God sees me. However, this did not change my situation. To this day, I still have very low, practically non-existent qualifications.

Being a Christian has been quite the adventure. God keeps asking me to do things, which I keep saying “yes” to. Saying “yes” led me to live in Frankfurt, Germany for 6 years and has brought me to Ghana, where I currently live, on two occasions.

However, moving to a foreign country with no qualifications is not at all easy to do. It is quite difficult to get a job when you do not have the necessary qualifications.

I have come this far in my life honestly through trust that my future is in God’s hands. God has always found a way – and still does – to get me to where I need to be. My job has been to trust and rely on His Word as my source of confidence, especially when I become plagued with the thought that I made decisions that messed up my future 18 years ago.

God’s Word says that: “His grace is sufficient, and His power is made perfect in weakness.” (1 Corinthians 12:9) I love this verse because it means even when I’ve messed things up, God is gracious. He’s going to take what I have messed up and make it perfect anyway. So, I know that there are no limitations to what I can do, because God’s power is at work in me and making perfect the thingswhich I lack.

Practically, I was not getting called for interviews because of this revelation, though. Even if I had written, “Don’t worry, God has qualified me,” on my applications, I was not going to get hired.

In Germany, having a qualification is like having oxygen. I did not know this when I first decided to move there as part of the team to pioneer Hope City Frankfurt. Perhaps if I had known, it would have put me off. On paper, I was in no way qualified for any job. However, pioneering the church was a God dream; and where there is a God dream, there is a God plan. German was one of the subjects that I did poorly in at school. Nevertheless, God made a way in an impossible situation and got me THREE jobs in the time I was at Frankfurt. I became a first-choice applicant simply because I was a native English speaker.

In 2016, God gave me a new dream about moving to Ghana. When I started to make plans, I felt strongly that God wanted me to trust His provision and to not apply for any jobs. All I could do was pray for the right opportunities, but what I really wanted to do was take control and make this dream happen.   

I arrived in Ghana in June 2017 with no job. At this point, I slipped back into taking control of my situation. I had been working in childcare for the previous 5 years, so I decided to find a job in that field. By June when I arrived, all the international schools had already filled their positions for the next academic year. After weeks of job searching, I found an opportunity which I jumped at to be a miracle from God. 

This “miracle” job, after only a short while, felt like hell on earth. I was working in very challenging conditions for almost nothing in terms of remuneration. After working all day, I would come home and transition to working for Hope City Accra – doing graphic design, sound engineering and general church life, which was the actual reason I had moved to Ghana. 

The period that ensued was one of the hardest years of my life so far. I had signed up for the God dream, which was building church and working in local communities. Yet, I felt let down by God and trapped in a life that I had not signed up for and could not even afford to escape.

A year later, in July 2018, I had booked return flights to Germany for the following day, but eventually decided that I would not be coming back to Accra. After 13 months of trying to make the God dream work, I had run out of options. 

I sent a message to Ps. Ali & Karen Bianchi (lead pastors of Hope City Accra) who were in England at the time: “Hey, you know how I am meant to be going on holiday tomorrow? Well, actually I am moving back to Germany because I have no job and no money. I’m still believing God will make a way.” The next message I sent was to my former boss in Germany, explaining that I was returning and needed a job. Within 2 hours, I had my old job back. 

I was filled with confusion because God had called me to Accra, but it was in Germany that things were working out for me. I moved back to Germany and, as the weeks went, I heard about a funding application that Ps. Karen Bianchi had put in for City Hearts Africa (Hope City Church’s education programme). The church in Accra was awarded the funding, and there was a job opening for EXACTLY the dream that God had given me 2 years earlier. If this had happened when I wanted it to in 2017, I would not have been through the processes that ultimately set me up to be effective in my work now.

Now, I am able to see what God was doing in that one-year period when I came to Accra in 2017. He was changing my heart and taking away my self-reliance.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28) The road to my God dream didn’t look like how I expected it to. It never really does for anyone because God’s plans are better than ours. The road we want God to take us down is leading to a much smaller place than He intends for us.

I can look ahead with certainty, knowing that for my next God dream, there is a God plan. I simply say “yes” and trust in His power, His word and His timing. 

If He can do it for me, He can do it for you!

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