Enyo’s Story


After completing my university education with degrees in Archaeology, Heritage Studies and Religion, I was ready to start my professional life.

My national service was with a company that most people in my life, especially family and friends, thought was a dream place to start a career and – not just to start – but to remain for the rest of my life due to the employee perks. I was placed in the Human Resource department, where I had to learn on the job. Despite the challenge, I was persistent largely for fear of disappointing people.

A few months to the end of my service, my supervisor encouraged me to apply for a job advertisement she had seen in the newspaper. At that time, I had been working as hard as I could in order to qualify for a service extension, which would enable me to still be working at the end of the 1-year national service period. It was quite disheartening for me that she asked me to apply for a different job despite all the work I was doing. Nonetheless, before the end of my service period, I had received a letter granting me the service extension that I had been working so hard for.

When I received the letter, I could not shake the knowledge deep down that my passion was not to remain with the HR department in this company. Moreover, I was never going to get an employment offer because my degree did not match the qualifications they required.

After months of internal conflict, I mustered the courage to not only write a letter to terminate my service extension, but I was also ready to deal with the shattered dreams of my family and friends, whom I had been working to please.

The months after leaving that job was a season of keeping the faith and believing in God for a job that I was passionate about and was related to my field of study. I could not readily turn to anyone for help because their response usually began with, “if you had stayed with the company…”. I took on short-term contracts and odd jobs to make ends meet.

One day, a friend remarked to me that I could start a business related to tours. For a second, her idea sounded crazy to me. Then, she started pointing out how I was already doing this by showing new people around Accra, planning holiday trips for friends and traveling to document new places around the country.

I started working as a guide, which I enjoyed very much. I had various opportunities to help people unravel Ghana’s diverse perspectives and places, from historical, cultural, artisanal points of view. I have been amazed at how God weaved my journey so that I ended up working in the same field I studied at the university and how He moved all the pieces of my life together, aligning them to His perfection.

In addition, I work with City Hearts (Hope City Church’s education programme) on “Emerging Voices”, which is a project that seeks to educate young children about historical and modern forms of slavery through heritage tours, among other tools. I work as the heritage site expert, which also ties in perfectly with my line of study. In early February, I had the opportunity to present on Emerging Voices alongside slavery activists and my former lecturers from university. I was incredibly nervous, but these lecturers were very impressed with the work that we had accomplished and offered me mentorship and opportunities if I ever decide to pursue further studies.

I have been blessed tremendously from my work as a guide, both in terms of fulfilment and financially. There are times when everything that has happened is still like a dream to me.

We are all at different stages of our lives. Some people might have given up in the pursuit of their dreams because, at some point, things were not going well. I would like to encourage everyone that God is always with us. Only God could have orchestrated this journey my life has taken, from studying my course at university to how I ended up at Hope City Church that then designed a project that fit my qualifications perfectly. I am looking forward to the new chapters of my life with the greatest Author.

Ecclesiastes 3:11 says, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” God is at work in everyone’s lives. You might not see it now, but take a minute and look back at your life. He is making everything picture perfect.

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