Yasmin’s Story


I knew the exact moment my mum breathed for the very last time. No, I was not at her bedside holding her hand. I was not even in the same country with her. The night mum died I was in a church carpark in Lyon while mum was in a hospital in Accra, Ghana. My cousin had texted me earlier on that there were a few complications with what was meant to be a routine knee cap surgery. Oblivious to the rain and cold, I wore out the ground praying and desperately crying out to God. At 8:15 pm Continental European time,I received a strong impression in my heart that I had lost my mum, and almost immediately the Holy Spirit asked me “Will you trust me?”. I had to make a split-second decision to trust in the God I said I believed in. And so with a seemingly bleak-looking future looming ahead and the waves of sorrow and disbelief billowing all around I chose to trust him. It was hard to believe that my vivacious life-loving mom who only a few hours had been jokingly complaining. about not being able to wear make up for her surgery was suddenly no more. BUT JESUS! With prayers being lifted for my family, I saw the words of Jesus in John 16:33 activated in our lives “In this world you will have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world.” The weight of grief and sorrow that came barrelling our way was almost unbearable but the grace of God was strong enough to absorb it. His grace was so evident, tangible and undeniable. A strange strength. blanketed us especially during the funeral season and the sweet precious Holy Spirit did what he does best by coming alongside to give us God’s perspective, to breathe new life over us to renew our hope and to quicken us. Mourners came in throngs ready to help us mourn but were in for a surprise when they realized there was to be no such mourning. Filled with God’s strength, we rather encouraged them and pointed them to eternal life. The truth is, we as believers. are not exempt from trials and tribulations but the Bible declares that those who know their God will be strong and do exploits! It’s been three months and five days since mummy slipped into eternity and we haven’t run out of grace yet. As long as we are breathing, we will miss our mum but I need to testify to encourage someone today, that Grief came but GRACE STAYED!

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